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      Surveyor - Useful tips and information

      A surveyor is usually the first person you meet when building a new house. In order for an architect to start making designs and other documents, they’ll need a land survey, which shows all natural and man-made structures on your land. Surveyors can also mark the border and buildings, do land reparcelling, land readjustment, and register the land where a building has been constructed. Surveyors can also help you register your property in the land registry, which is something you have to do if you want to get a house number, specify the division of the ownership over a building and register this in the land registry, which in turn gives you the right to enter into legal contracts. Use our calculator to get rough surveying costs. In tenancy in common, exact shares in the ownership over a property are established through a legal procedure, which ends with the respective shares being recorded in the land registry. This procedure also helps establish owners’ rights and obligations in detail, which include cost allocation and maintenance of common areas. You can find some information about your land or house on our website, by following the links to relevant local authorities’ websites. Visit for other tips we’ve prepared to get hold of surveys more easily or simply send your questions to our most savvy professionals.

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