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Projects and customers

1. How do we obtain customers and projects?

Daibau is present both online, in print form and physically. We work with several construction and renovation partners to increase our visibility. Customers find us online or through our partners. More than half are returning customers who have already had a positive platform experience.

2. Why are customers turning to Daibau?

Finding the right contractor with the available capacity at the desired time is a problem for both natural and legal persons. With just a few clicks Daibau connects the customer with a verified contractor who is interested in the project. This way, we save our users a lot of time and reduce risk.

3. Who are the customers on Daibau and what are the projects?

Anyone who wants to find a suitable and verified contractors can turn to Daibau. Our users are individuals as well as companies, architects, organisations and government institutions.
The projects we receive are very different. From small-scale house works to projects worth millions. There are many exciting opportunities for each partner on a weekly basis.

4. Are customers on Daibau serious?

We understand that customer seriousness is of the utmost importance to our partners. For this reason, we check in several ways to be sure that the customer will realise the project. Inquiries where users are only interested in the price or where the performance is far into the future are not included in notifications. For confirmed projects, however, we check how many offers the customer has already collected and individually assess the customer’s seriousness. All factors are recalculated into an estimate of possibilities, which is indicated in your project list with a green and yellow ribbon. Partners can also report customers who are not serious to their administrator.

5. How do I respond to a project from the daily or weekly notification?

We will notify you of interesting projects twice a week during the trial period, and if you subscribe, every day. You can see all the possibilities and decide whether you are interested in the project. By clicking on the link to the contact you inform both us and the customer that you are interested in the project. You can send a message or call the customer via the system. Based on past experience, we have found that personal contact with the customer increases the possibility of realisation.

6. How do I respond if you invite me to a project?

If we think that you would be particularly suitable for the project, we will recommend your company to the customer as soon as we confirm the inquiry. Then, we pass your phone number to the customer and they await your response. In this case, we will send you an individual email and an SMS.

7. I do not think I am getting suitable projects?

If you find that we are notifying you about services you do not carry out, please let us know and we will adjust the notification accordingly. If the inquiries have too low a value or if the projects are outside your work radius, you can let us know as well and we will correct the data. You can manage all the settings through your control panel when you log in.

8. Which projects can I participate in?

Since we connect customers with suitable contractors, we make sure that we recommend companies that are capable and qualified to carry out a particular project. Depending on the size of your team, we adjust the size of the projects you can receive. For new constructions and comprehensive renovation projects, an appropriate team and a completed reference list are required. Categories such as geodesy, design or architecture require a ZAPS (Chamber of Architecture and Spatial Planning of Slovenia) or IZS (Slovenian Chamber of Engineers) licence.

9. What happens if I make a deal?

In the trial period, realisation means the end of free participation. If you are already a subscriber, the realisation does not affect the cost of participation, as we do not charge fees for Daibau subscription packages.


1. How do I get customer feedback?

Only customers who have submitted an inquiry to the system can give an opinion on your work. In the opinion, the customer evaluates your expertise in consulting, price and quality of performance. You can ask your customer for their opinion yourself, as comments affect your overall feedback and are visible on your Daibau profile.

2. What does Daibau feedback mean?

Daibau feedback is an objective reflection of your quality. It consists of the number of years on the market and the size of the team. It is also influenced by your responsiveness and the opinions of customers and professional users. You can also earn a higher rating with the completed reference list. The overall rating expresses your competence, as this determines your position in the directory and in the list of recommended contractors when customers make a decision. Our users consider the rating as extremely important.

3. Who is a recommended contractor?

Recommended contractors are companies we've been working with for over two years and who have achieved a rating above 8.5 during this time. We can guarantee that recommended contractors will perform their work in a quality and correct manner. The badge is awarded on the basis of objective factors and individual assessment. Badge recipients may also receive the current car sticker.

4. What do other Daibau badges mean?

Based on outstanding qualities, we also award and publicise other benefits. A company can receive a responsiveness badge if it has responded to at least 70% of our calls for projects. We give the experience badge to companies with more than 10 years of market experience. If your business has a rating above 9, we give you a special badge for a high overall rating.

5. What do we do if a customer has received a negative opinion?

Daibau is not responsible for the work done by the contractors (terms). In accordance with quality monitoring, we review each written complaint on the contractor's and the customer’s side. If we find that the contractor has received two justified complaints, which they have not resolved, they are excluded from the system for an indefinite period.


1. Why become a part of the Daibau network?

Daibau enables you access to new customers and projects and promotes your quality. Thousands of proven design, craft and construction companies trust us. We operate in several markets and provide numerous support services for our partners. We have become a long-term partner for all those active in the Slovenian construction market.

2. Who may become a part of the Daibau network?

Since we advocate for quality, we have certain criteria for registration. Companies that have a registered activity, have at least 5 years of work experience, at least EUR 10,000 in annual revenue, and unblocked bank accounts can join. We carry out personal interview with each company to obtain key information about their work. We make regular quality checks of our partners.

3. What is a free trial period?

As a sign of trust, we donate 15 verified free projects to each company in the system. This allows you to test our operations and see for yourself the legitimacy of the projects we receive. We will email you a list of interesting projects twice a week, where you can contact 15 customers. After the trial period ends, we invite you to subscribe.

4. Why choose a paid package?

Paid packages have many advantages over the trial period. When you subscribe, we enable you expanded access to more projects. You can also choose which services you would like to perform and which regions you would like to work in. Becoming a subscriber will also give you access to major projects and to customers we find to be more serious. We notify system partners of a new project as soon as we receive them, while during the trial period the projects are several days old. Signing up for a subscription also gives you many other benefits, as presented in the section packages.

5. Where can I subscribe?

For subscription, contact the sales department for partner support, to help you design your own customised offer. They will issue a pro-forma invoice or send you a subscription contract for the selected package. We will activate your subscription on the first business day we receive your pro-forma invoice payment receipt.

6. How long is the Daibau subscription valid for?

The validity of your subscription depends on which package you have taken out. The annual subscription is valid from the date of payment to the same date the following year. With a monthly subscription, we charge you each month for the previous month.

7. What are the subscription options for Daibau?

You can see the current range of packages and prices here: Daibau, partner package. We offer packages on a monthly and annual subscription basis. Special benefits for long-term cooperation are available.

8. We can't accept projects right now. What can I do?

If your capacities are currently fully taken up, you can report this to your administrator and we will suspend notification for the desired period. After this period, notifications will be activated automatically. The subscription cannot be frozen during this time.

9. What should I do if I no longer carry out the activity?

If you cease to carry out the activity, please let us know if you are still carrying out any of the 220 services on Daibau. If you close the company, we will deactivate you in the system.

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