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      Upholstery - Useful tips and information

      Every piece of furniture starts to wear after some time, but the most vulnerable part is upholstery. Upholstery is more sensitive than other parts, but it’s definitely more cost-effective to have it change once in a while than buy new furniture. An upholsterer can update your furniture by reupholstering all soft parts (chair reupholstery, cushion reupholstery, suite reupholstery, etc.) An upholsterer can assess the current condition of furniture and estimate associated costs. These works may include repair of the structure/frames, replacement of padding and/or springs, repair of loose wooden parts, and making new upholstery. It’s important to choose the right upholstery fabric, as it has to be thicker and more resistant than regular fabric, and it has to match its environment in style and colour. Silk, linen, cotton, and polyester are just some of the options available. You should also consider the colour, tones, texture, and patterns, e.g. stripes, polka dots, plaids, flowers, geometric print, and a combination of these. Material prices can also vary dramatically, depending on the quality and expected lifespan. To make sure you can use your grandparents’ chairs and armchairs for years to come, we’ve prepared various tips you can check, or contact our reliable professionals. Use our calculator to check the cost of reupholstery.

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