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      Roofing, roofer - Useful tips and information

      The roof and roof coverings are the first line of defence of every house and their task is to prevent mechanical damage to other roof layers, and protect them from water ingress, wind, and heat. There are numerous roofing products currently available on the market, which are suitable for certain weather conditions, and roofs of a certain shape and pitch. Tin roofs are lightweight and weather-proof. When made of high-quality powder-coated tin, they’re extremely long-lasting. Roofs made of concrete and bricks are also durable, but not as weather-resistant, and are much heavier. If you want a transparent roof, you can make one out of polycarbonate sheets or acrylic glass panels. They weigh less than glass, but are also less fragile, more flexible, and easy to shape. Such materials are mostly used for terraces, canopies, glazed patios, greenhouses, etc. However, bear in mind that not every covering can fit any roof. It’s recommended that flat roofs with a 2–5° slope should be covered with bitumen-based materials or tin. Roofs with a 5–30° slope go well with brick, fibre cement, or concrete coverings. Sharply pitched roofs, with a slope exceeding 30°, may be covered with asphalt or timber shingles. A roof needs renovation when it’s damaged, when you want to install new materials, or add extra insulation layers. Check out other advice we’ve prepared, and use our calculator to get prices of lighting conductors and the cost of their installation. You can also always contact our experts, who’ll be more than happy to reply.

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