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    How much does panel fencing cost? The greatest advantage of panel fencing is quick installation and an affordable price. The unit price of panel fencing per running metre depends on the panels, material (timber, PVC, galvanized mesh), type (solid, perforated, mesh), posts, brackets, and of course, the service provider. Installation charges starts at NGN4,000 per panel.

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    Average Cost of Barbed Wire

    The cost of installing one bundle of barb wire measuring 15meter, with brackets. This is cost of labor with materials.

    25000.00 ₦/m


    35000.00 ₦/m

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    Average Cost of Barbed Wire, Labor-Only

    Labor cost of installing one bundle of barb wire measuring 15meter, with brackets. This is cost of labor without materials.

    12000.00 ₦/m


    20000.00 ₦/m

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    Barbed wire - everything you need to know

    1. How to install a barbed wire fenceBarbed wire

    Building a barbed wire fence isn’t for the faint at heart and we would like to start by saying that it is better to get professionals to help with this uphill task than do it yourself. Chances are that when you venture into building a barbed wire fence yourself you are sure to pick up some nicks and scratches. But no pain no gain right?

    Barbed wire fences were traditionally used to keep thieves away from stealing livestock. It has however garnered some acclaim in present-day homes to serve as a deterrent to thieves and intruders from invading homes. It has also evolved to include the use of electricity in some cases (electric fences) for maximum security. 

    2. Why you need a barbed wire fence

    Why barbed wire you may ask? Why can’t I just get a security man to stand at the gate and watch over my house?

    • ·         It is easy to install. Apart from the scratches, you’d get as a beginner the barbed wire is easy to install.
    • ·         Long-lasting, low upkeep, and low cost. It lasts longer and reduces the cost of paying security personnel monthly.

    These 2 advantages mentioned above are why most Nigerians have favored the use of barbed wire as a security measure both in homes and places of business and we would be discussing its installation in this text.

    3. Tips for building a barbed wire fence

    3.1. Map out the fence

    It is important to map out the area of the fence where you would love to install the barbed wire. Is it the whole fencing around your house? Is it just a portion of the fence around your house? Carefully select where you would like to install the wire then ask a professional barbed wire fence installer to help assess and determine what quantity of barbed wire would be enough to cover the area chosen.

    3.2. Think safety

    You are going to be working with razor-infused aluminium wires, so it is important to put your safety first. Put on protective clothing, thick boots, and hand gloves with google to protect yourself from shards and piercings that might occur whilst working with the wires.

    3.3. Get the proper tools

    Barbed wire installation isn’t just your run-off-the-mill DIY technique. It requires certain tools and improvisation is not an option. Get your tamping bar, hammer, wire grip, fence stretcher, pliers, etc. If you would want to venture into this we suggest you enquire about all the tools needed from the professionals and have them give you a detailed list of what you need. Using good quality tools would save you loads of time on installation and help ensure that you build a safe and solid fence.

    3.4. Bracing

    Once you are done with the above tip, the next step is to install your braces. Bracing in barbed wire installation refers to the use of support structures or techniques to stabilize and reinforce the barbed wire fence. These support structures may include wooden or metal posts, cables, or other materials that help to hold the fence in place and prevent it from sagging or collapsing. Bracing is important because it helps to ensure that the fence is strong and durable, and it also helps to prevent accidents or injuries that may occur if the fence were to fail. There are several different methods of bracing a barbed wire fence, and the most appropriate method will depend on the specific requirements of the fence and the conditions in which it is being installed. These braces are the post around which you would then wrap the barbed wire around.

    3.5. Spacing and Post

    Now posts are the vertical support structures that are used to hold the fence in place. They are typically made of metal, and they are spaced at regular intervals along the length of the fence. The posts provide the primary support for the fence, and they help to keep the fence upright and stable. In addition to providing support, the posts also serve as anchor points for the barbed wire, allowing the wire to be strung between the posts in a straight and orderly manner. Make sure to space the posts appropriately at regular and consistent intervals to allow for proper stringing of the barbed wires.

    3.6. Tensions and Stringing

    If the posts and braces have been installed then its time to string the barbed wires around and along it. Stringing tension refers to the amount of force or tension applied to the barbed wire when it is being installed on a fence. Proper stringing tension is important because it helps to ensure that the wire is secure and will not sag or become loose over time. If the wire is not properly tensioned, it may become slack and may not provide an effective barrier or deterrent. On the other hand, if the wire is too tightly tensioned, it may be prone to breaking or becoming damaged, which could compromise the integrity of the fence.

    To achieve the proper stringing tension, it is important to use a tensioning device, such as a hand-held tensioner or a tractor-mounted tensioner. These devices apply a controlled amount of tension to the wire as it is being installed, helping to ensure that it is properly tensioned without being overstressed.

    This is the most important part of the installation and when completed successfully, you would have just officially installed your barbed wire.

    4. Conclusion

    Inasmuch as installing a barbed wire fence isn’t easy, it is worth the stress as it provides a 24 hours security around your home at all times and also is very easy to maintain (requiring minimal or no attention).

    Our advice is that you should engage the experts to handle any barbed wire installation needs you might have and don’t go through the stress of doing it yourself. Post an enquiry on our platform and get matched with professional barbed wire fence installers in Nigeria and have them do the dirty job for a token. Leave it to us.

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