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    How much does it cost to hire an architect? If you've decided to build a house, the entire design, including planning permissions, preliminary design, planning permission documentation, and project execution plan normally cost between NGN700,000 and NGN2,500,000 depending on the topography of the area. When choosing an architect, don't let the price be the deciding factor. Beware of cheap offers as they may entail sloppy work, without much devotion of time and effort to your preferences. The price may seem too high, but keep in mind that you can't get your dream home exactly as you wanted it without a sound plan, so be sure to choose a person who understands your needs. Family house design costs usually amount to 2–5% of the investment value. Standard designs are cheap, but any deviation is charged, and you don’t get much leeway. Building a house according to a standard template means you’ll have many compromises to make on a house where you might spend the rest of your life. The price of a flat remodelling design or a loft conversion depends on the design’s scope and details.

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    Average Cost of a Planning Permission Application Project

    Project documentation for obtaining pre-application advice and planning permission. All documents for obtaining planning permission, architectural drawings for obtaining planning permission. Tailor-made architectural plans include a site location plan, a site layout plan at a scale of 1:200 or 1:500, elevations showing every elevation of the building at a scale of 1:100 or 1:50, floor plans and level drawings, roof plans, and landscaping plans. It also includes all the architectural drawings, photographs and photomontages needed for planning permission.

    700000.00 ₦/unit


    2500000.00 ₦/unit

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    Architect, architecture - everything you need to know

    1. Why hire an architect?

    architect architecture
    Architects listen to clients ideas and adjust them to their own professional experience

    Architects listen to clients ideas and adjust them to their own professional experience

    Hiring an architect does mean more expenses at the beginning, but in the long run, this will save you both money and nerves. Remodelling or constructing a flat, house, an office, etc. without an architect takes much more time and effort, and more often than not, the final outcome ends up being a lot different than the original idea. An architects job is to guide you through the project, respect your wishes, come up with fresh ideas, and point out possible difficulties and limitations. Architects work on living spaces all the time and have great experience and knowledge, so they know what to do in different situations.

    What theyll do first is get all ideas on paper, and then put them into practice. In the very beginning, they may come up with plenty of details, which are later adjusted to the overall concept and work pace.

    An architect always looks for functional, practical, yet attractive solutions. They excel at orientating buildings and putting them in the right place, making the best use of space, choosing the best materials, finishing works, choosing the right equipment, adjusting colours and other details, making your space a well thought-out, harmonious environment, while all the while honouring your wishes.

    2. Architect - project leader and coordinator

    An architects not just an expert wholl prepare design documents, but also someone wholl provide you with guidance and make sure the work is done properly and on time.

    An architects job is to do interior and exterior planning, bring their know-how to every project, and adjust it to the situation at hand and the clients needs. They fully understand that just having a good idea isnt enough—its essential that it should be properly implemented at all levels and project stages. Architects listen to clients ideas and adjust them to their own professional experience.

    Its a common fallacy that architects job is just to propose ideas and make drawings. Whats more, most people wrongly assume that architects spend their time brainstorming and designing. The reality is, however, that they spend a lot of time talking to their clients, engineers, bidders, contractors, etc. and doing paperwork. An architect can help their client save a lot of time on paperwork and organization, which is truly valuable in the todays hectic world.

    Being the project leader, an architect is careful when leading and organizing activities from day one until the very end. They make projections about costs and deadlines, they put forward ideas that serve as bases for making draft plans and all other documents. During the planning stage, they work with other experts and fellow designers, and during the construction phase, they work with subcontractors.

    3. What kind of architect do you need?

    3.1. Where to look for an architect?

    We suggest you dont make any hasty decisions. Try to get some recommendations from your friends, especially those who had their flats remodelled or houses constructed by an architect. You can also look for one online. Another option is to send us a request on, and our most experienced architects will get back to you. You can view their profiles and reviews from their previous clients. Before you choose someone (for a construction project), check if they hold the relevant licence. Also, check out their portfolio to see if you like their style. Make sure you find someone from your area, since this will facilitate your visits to the site.

    3.2. How to select the right architect?

    How to draw up a shortlist? A good rapport and communication with your architect are an essential prerequisite for a successful project and positive customer experience. If the architect makes time for you, presents their work in the right light, gives you advice, and makes a good impression, theres a great chance your project will be successful. Before you see the architect, its a good idea to ask local authorities to provide you with all information about the construction site, with precise details on construction dos and don’ts. This will help the architect prepare a more precise offer and take any problems into consideration. Make sure you make your wish list, a floor plan, and anything else you can think of. The price is certainly something to think about when choosing an architect, but it shouldnt be a deciding factor. Once youve made up your mind, we recommend you draw up a contract specifying everything that the architect should do, the prices, and deadlines.

    3.3. How to check if the architect is licensed?

    If you need an architect wholl prepare design documents, they must have a degree in architecture, and the relevant licence.

    In case of interior design or minor construction works that dont require a permit from a local authority, you dont need to verify the licence.

    4. Checklist

    4.1. Getting a grasp of your ideas

    The first time you meet with the architect in their office or on the site, theyll collect information, such as your ideas, needs, the general concept, your everyday habits, lifestyle, and values. If your project involves an office space or building, the focus will be on the companys business and culture. The architect will record this information in detail, because they need to get fully familiar with your goals and wishes.

    4.2. Getting to know the place

    Before they start designing, the architect will need all data about the site, plot, the existing buildings, etc. This also includes survey and other reports, site information, photos of the site, land, etc. Then, the architect will ask you to provide drawings of the relevant space, which planning will be based on. Your architect should also get familiar with the applicable laws, and national and local construction regulations.

    4.3. Preliminary sketches, different alternatives

    Once all the information is gathered and the architect gets the full picture, the next step involves preparing preliminary sketches and drawings of your building. The designer will have to make sure that these ideas are in line with both your wishes and the relevant laws, while at the same time practical and doable. Only then will you get a true vision of your new home.

    4.4. Preliminary design

    When you finally decide on an option, the architect will continue developing it and make the so-called preliminary design. Use this document to apply for construction and grid connection permits with competent authorities.

    4.5. Design required for obtaining a building permit

    As the heading suggests, this includes the design and design documents submitted to the local authority when applying for a building permit. To find out which specific documents fall under this category, consult a rulebook on obtaining a building permit or acts on planning and construction.

    A construction design contains all information you need to start constructing or using a building. Its more comprehensive and detailed than the one required for obtaining a building permit. Construction design drawings are so accurate and to scale that theyre used on the construction site. Its also used for making a list of works, and seeking appropriate contractors and their offers.

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