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    How much does a wooden canopy cost? The price of a canopy depends on its structure, size, material, and roofing. Cantilever canopies are usually more expensive than free-standing ones. Solid wood double carports of 6x5 m in size may cost or more. The cost of materials and installation of a double-pitch canopy with tiling, metal, or polycarbonate roofing ranges between NGN500,000 and NGN650,000 for 6m by 5m.

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    Average Cost of a Wooden Canopy

    The cost of a wooden canopy. Procurement of materials and installation of a dual-pitch canopy, with asphalt shingles, metal, or polycarbonate roofing.

    65.00 ₦/m2


    108.00 ₦/m2

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    Average Cost of a Wooden Canopy, Labor-Only

    Labor cost to build a wooden canopy. Procurement of materials and installation of a dual-pitch canopy, with asphalt shingles, metal, or polycarbonate roofing.

    65.00 ₦/m2


    108.00 ₦/m2

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    Wooden canopies - everything you need to know

    1. Wooden canopies - must-knows

    1.1. Advantages of wooden canopies

    Wooden canopies are quicker and simpler to make compared to those made of metal. Given that its easier to process wood, these canopies can take many different forms. Its precisely these features that make a wooden canopy a good functional, but also decorative element in every house or garden. If theres need for any repairs, it takes much less effort to fix a wooden canopy than a metal one. That said, if a wooden canopy is completely neglected and uncared for, its lifespan will be shorter than that of a metal canopy, although its maintenance is rather straightforward. If you coat wooden parts of your canopy every year, thus protecting it, it can last for 50 years or even more. This is why its important to process timber and conduct the first impregnation with extra care, as this is the only way to spare yourself extra work and worries in the future.

    For a wooden canopy to last for a long time, the first thing you need to do is choose timber of good quality, dried for the amount of time and in the way appropriate for the species, and then cut and processed properly. When it comes to parts exposed to the elements, its crucial you prevent water from pooling on them and to make sure wooden parts dont come into contact with the ground. All cross-cut and face-cut elements must have additional chemical and mechanical protection. Proper and timely impregnation will keep fungi, mould, any discoloration, and pests away. A protective coat or paint will keep wood protected, while at the same time make it more beautiful and shinier.

    Wooden carport
    Wooden canopies are often used as carports


    1.2. Disadvantages of wooden canopies

    If wooden canopies are constantly exposed to the elements and arent maintained properly or at all, their lifespan can be significantly reduced. Great temperature and humidity fluctuations arent particularly harmful. What will surely make a wooden canopy last longer is proper and regular maintenance and protection.

    2. Types of wooden canopies

    2.1. Batch produced vs. custom-made canopies

    Batch produced wooden canopies are manufactured in factories by machines. Their dimensions are pre-set, i.e. standard, and the materials theyre made of are of a pre-determined type and quality. You may decide to install such a canopy single-handedly or you may hire a professional. If you opt for a bespoke wooden canopy, have it made to measure by a carpenter according to your preferences. The same carpenter can install it after some preliminary works, such as foundation preparation, paving, etc.

    2.2. Load bearing structure of a canopy

    Canopies can be freestanding or anchored to the exterior wall of an existing building. They can feature supports in all four corners or along one side only. Canopies can be completely open, but only partially enclosed, as at least two sides still have to be open.

    2.3. Types of canopy roofs

    A canopy should always match its surroundings in style and structure depending on different circumstances (type of land, appearance of the house, whether its in a city or in the country, etc.). In mountainous regions, its always a good idea to construct a slanted roof to allow water drainage, while modern design is widely popular in urban areas. You can go with a single-, double-pitch canopy, or one with several sloping sides, but bear in mind that even a flat roof has to slope at not less than 2%.

    2.4. Types of roofing

    Polycarbonate and glass have become one of the most popular roofing solutions for wooden canopies. Their biggest advantage is that they allow light to pass through, while at the same time providing protection against the elements. This is especially important for canopies mounted to the exterior wall of a house next to a window, as the light passing through the translucent roof is cast on the window, too. However, if the light factor is not that important, then the list of materials available is almost endless, e.g. brick, metal, asphalt shingles, bitumen, etc.

    3. How to choose a contractor?

    Choosing the right contractor is definitely one of the most difficult parts of the entire project. Where to find a skilled and reliable professional, who knows what theyre doing? Its also important you find a local contractor. And last but not least, consider the price. If you cant think of a contractor that meets these criteria and neither can your friends or workmates, we suggest you post an enquiry on our portal Daibau, and interested contractors will contact you and send you an offer. This is a quick and simple way to get insight and draw up a shortlist. We only work with experienced and skilled contractors and companies—real professionals with the right tools and equipment. You can check their work, reviews, and rating on our website. Were sure youll find these quite helpful for your decision-making.

    3.1. Leave manufacturing and installation to professionals

    No matter if youre thinking of getting a standard over-door canopy, a carport, or a pergola, we suggest you talk to a professional first. Theyll be able to suggest the optimal solution that is both feasible and adjusted to your preferences. Its no rarity for a local inexpert contractor to try to install a canopy, and that it gets damaged quickly and falls short of the mark under the weight of the first heavy rain. Rest assured that investing into a well-designed and properly mounted canopy will definitely pay off, as youll be able to use it stress-free for years to come.

    3.2. Installing and repairing a canopy

    Another way to tell a good contractor from a bad one is to check if theyre offering a full service, which means that they would come over and take a look, take measurements and make assessments, pass their opinion on what the best solution might be, and then make a canopy, install it, and later, if need be, come to fix it or for maintenance purposes. Dont trust those who only offer installation services. There are plenty of canopy manufacturers who deal with sales only, and even when they offer installation services, they hire subcontractors in order to shift responsibility onto others and thus reduce it. This way, in case of any problems, there will be a lot of finger-pointing and blame-shifting.

    3.3. Check your contractors references

    Check the contractors past projects, and try to talk to their prior clients and elicit some useful advice and opinions as to how the installation went, how happy they are with the experience, whether there were any problems or repairs needed afterwards, and most importantly, whether they returned the calls and completed the agreed work.

    4. How to make a wooden canopy

    Canopies are rather easy to make compared to garages. So, if yours doesnt exceed the specicified and regular  dimensions of a standard canopy, itll be done in a day or two, as no large-scale works will be needed nor will it be necessary to wait for any approval from either an architect or a building engineer. However, if you decide to get a bigger one, we suggest you do your research and contact building experts to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

    4.1. Height

    If your goal is to protect your equipment on the balcony or your car from UV radiation, rain,  hail, etc., then height plays a major role and it has to be specified precisely. The higher the canopy, the bigger the angle at which rain or sunlight enter the surface, and theres less protection. A lower mounted canopy is therefore much better protection. As a rule of thumb, the height of a carport used for a regular car is 2.1 or 2.2 m, which is at the same time the recommended minimum height (this also applies to terraces, balconies, and pergolas).

    4.2. Width and length

    When calculating the right dimensions for your carport, add at least 50 cm to the standard width and length of a regular car on all sides. If its a double carport, factor in spacing of at least 80 cm, too. This means that a minimum size of a single carport is 3x5 m, and 5.15x5 m for a double carport.

    4.3. Load-bearing capacity

    One of the most important characteristics of a wooden canopy is definitely its load-bearing capacity, where heavy rain is crucial. There may be some serious consequences in case of miscalculation, so make sure you find out rainfall averages in your region. If you live in an area with heavy and long-lasting rainfalls, you need to get a fitting structure with the right load-bearing capacity so that its roof can withstand the load.

    4.4. Substrate preparation

    Before you install a canopy, you must prepare the foundations and substrate. If this is a new build, the canopy design should ideally be part of the landscape design. With cantilever canopies, a reinforced concrete strip foundation, which will bear most of the load, is necessary. Brackets supporting the structure should be mounted before the facade is completed, so that you dont have to drill through it later. When a completed facade is drilled subsequently, the so-called thermal bridges, i.e. points of heat loss, form at these points. Free-standing canopies with three or four posts require a concrete pad foundation. Foundation dimensions depend on the size of the canopy. We recommend you leave these calculations and installation to professionals. Small canopies, such as those mounted above the front door or balcony, are called cantilever canopies, which means theyre attached to the exterior wall, and dont include any support posts.

    4.5. Installation of a wooden canopy

    Today, wooden canopies are usually standard factory-made products, with assembling and mounting taking place on site. Yet, they also require a suitable foundation and paved substrate. A well-coordinated team of professionals would need about 10 hours to install a double carport. A good thing about installing a standard canopy/carport is that no preliminary or finishing construction works or machinery are needed. Also, there are no stains or waste either, as all parts have been painted or finished in the factory.  

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