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      scaffolding rental and installation companies in Nigeria

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      Whenever there are construction works at a height of 2 m above the ground, the use of scaffolding is mandatory according to the relevant planning act and HSE rulebooks. Scaffolding ensures seamless work at height and provides safety to construction workers. Whether standard or adapted for flexible mounting works and more complex construction, scaffolding is quick to install on any site. To ensure occupational safety, all scaffolding elements have to be constructed and installed properly. The structure consists of a standard H frame, bracing, adjustable platforms and frames, walking boards, railing, fall protection, stabilizers, and various brackets. Scaffolding is secured to the wall by means of anchors. There are also special mobile scaffolds with castors. It’s always a good idea to add safety netting and additional protection, like covers which provide protection against wind, rain, or horizontal and vertical loads. Ladders and special scissor lifts help workers move around scaffolding. Building materials are transported manually, using belts, pulleys and platforms, while rubbish chutes carry debris directly to a skip below. Hiring or purchasing used scaffolding can save you a lot of money if your building project is a one-time thing, so do your research onhiring building equipment. Use our calculator to find scaffolding prices, and we’ve also prepared numerous tips for you. Send an enquiry and get advice about anything from our top experts.

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