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    How much do garage doors cost? The price differs depending on whether you’d like a standard or custom-made door. In either case, the following factors also affect the price: dimensions, material, opening action (manual or automatic), colour, thickness of the door and its panels, and type (tilt-up, side-opening, roller shutter, sectional). The purchase and installation of an automatic sectional garage door for a 240–400 cm wide car costs between NGN250,000 and NGN350,000 with installation.

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    Average Cost of Sectional Garage Doors

    The cost of procuring and installing an automatic, motor driven, single sectional garage door, with 40mm thick door panels, and two remote controls. The cost of a 240x200cm (212.5) or 250x200cm (212.5) sectional garage door is approximately 600 EUR. The cost of a 300x210cm (212.5) sectional garage door is approximately 700 EUR.

    80000.00 ₦/unit

    100000.00 ₦/unit

    140000.00 ₦/unit

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    Average Cost of Sectional Garage Doors, Labor-Only

    Labor cost to install an automatic, motor driven, single sectional garage door, with 40mm thick door panels, and two remote controls.

    0.00 ₦/unit

    0.00 ₦/unit

    0.00 ₦/unit

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    Price guide Rolling shutter door (2024)

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    Garage doors - everything you need to know

    1.   Garage doors—must-knows

    1.1. Garage doors provide security

    Since a garage door can serve as an entrance to your home, you should make sure it’s secure. A garage door is said to be secure when its made of hard and hard-wearing materials and when it features protective locks. The greatest degree of protection by far is guaranteed by a double steel door with secure hinges and remote control, protected with the so-called rolling code. Make sure your door is burglar-proof, too.

    Rolling shutter door

    1.2. Thermal insulation, airtightness, and energy efficiency

    A garage door can add to energy loss. Whether a garage door provides thermal insulation or not depends on its opening action, materials its made of, its thickness, and the fitness of the installation method. Airtightness is also worth considering. Ideally, proper sealants should be installed around all three sides of the door, so that they completely prevent heat loss and provide protection against the elements.

    1.3. Sliding garage door

    A sliding door is always a practical solution just as much as the one retracting into the garage ceiling. This ensures plenty of space both inside and outside the garage. In fact, you can park just outside the door without compromising its function.

    1.4. Damage prevention

    A garage door needs a sensor to prevent any contact with anything and anyone on either side of it, like a child or a pet. Its design can also prevent getting your finger pinched in the door. Potential accidents and damage to the door are also prevented by protected springs, which dont come into contact with debris and other contaminants from the outside, making their lifespan longer.

    2. Garage doors—how to get an offer?

    2.1. Consultations before purchase and installation

    A good bidder will give you their attention, provide detailed explanations about all functions, and arrange all details. The door will be ready within the agreed deadline, and installation will be included in the offer, too. Installation shouldnt take more than a day. This is to ensure the garage opening doesnt stay open for too long. A good bidder works with experienced and skilled professionals, wholl install the door properly and complete all other additional work if need be.

    2.2. Warranty

    The first sign of quality is the warranty period. Suppliers of good garage doors give a ten-year or longer warranty on the door, and a five years warranty for drives and wiring. At the beginning of the warranty period, the door has to work properly and have no visual or functional damage. High-quality materials and workmanship ensure durability. In case of any damage, all spare parts must be provided.

    2.3. Repair and maintenance

    If a garage door includes an electric opener, annual inspections by an authorized repairer are recommended. Its also important to ensure the customer can have any damage fixed quickly and properly.

    3. Variety in garage doors

    3.1. Opening action

    Automatic garage doors

    This includes all doors with remote control. A remote control will spare you from a nuisance of having to step out of your car every time you enter or exit your garage, and therefore, from exposing yourself to bad weather, too. It will also spare you a search for your keys if you always keep your remote control in the car.

    Rolling shutter door
    Sectional garage doors provide the best fit and airtightness

    Retractable sectional garage doors, round-the-corner sectional garage doors

    Sectional garage doors are the most popular choice among buyers. They are made up of multiple sections and can either retract or slide sideways. When this type of door opens, individual profiles or panels rise one by one until they become completely parallel with the ceiling, when they make up a single whole again. A round-the-corner door is bi-parting with the two parts sliding along the wall in opposite directions. The advantage of this type of door is that it doesnt need much space to open and it provides the driver with unrestricted passage and a clear view. Insulation is optional with these doors. They can feature a wicket door or a window. Sectional doors are usually automated.

    Standard tilt-up garage doors

    Unlike a sectional door, a tilt-up door is raised manually and is made up of one piece. This means the view is not completely clear. The downside of these doors is lack of airtightness and insulation. Theyre usually used on garages arranged in a row, and detached garages.

    Roller shutter garage doors

    The most prominent characteristic of a roller shutter door is that its made up of (standard or aluminium) laths, which separate when rising and roll around a barrel, just like blinds, and then fit into a box above the door. Laths are usually insulated. The advantage of a roller shutter garage door is all the available space you get, because this door doesnt take up any space, no matter if its automatic or manual. It also boasts simple installation, nice appearance, and quiet movement.

    Double garage doors

    Double garage doors have become overshadowed by newer and better solutions. Theyre usually used in older buildings with either a low ceiling or small width compared to modern standards. Double garage doors can also be automated, and theyre usually insulated.

    Industrial garage doors

    This is a large-sized door, usually installed in places with heavy-duty vehicles, like lorries, for instance in factories, warehouses, rural outbuildings, fire stations, etc. Its structure is more complex and its motor has more capacity compared to residential garage doors. Industrial doors usually feature a wicket door and they vary in size and colour.

    3.2. Different garage doors according to the materials theyre made of

    Wooden garage doors

    Although wooden doors require complex maintenance to ensure they keep their attractiveness for as long as possible, theyre still among the most popular solutions. The way a garage door looks is not irrelevant at all, as its part of a larger structure, so it affects the overall impression the house leaves. The list of colours and types of wood is endless. A wooden garage door boasts great quality and sturdiness, so with good care, they can last for years. Their maintenance includes application of paint, lacquer, and oil once a year to minimize the effect of the elements.

    Garage doors made of artificial materials

    Artificial materials used for making garage doors are actually PVC and ABS. Such doors are also one of the most popular choices due to their affordable price, lifespan, easy installation and maintenance. Its also worth mentioning that they can be extremely attractive, especially when they replicate the look of metal or wooden materials. Doors made of fibreglass are a bit pricier because theyre resistant to corrosion, firm, and dont require any maintenance whatsoever.

    Aluminium garage doors

    Out of all materials used for making garage doors, metal just might be the most popular, resistant, and durable option. Aluminium garage doors are a great choice for coastal areas, since aluminium is resistant to corrosion, salt, and moisture. Whats more, they dont require any special maintenance either. Aluminium garage doors are one of the costliest solutions, because they remain intact even after decades of usage and exposure to the elements.

    4. Garage doors—offers, styles & trends

    4.1. Glass garage doors

    As modern garages are well-insulated thanks to high-quality thermally insulated doors, theyre not just used for keeping cars anymore, but can serve as laundry rooms, workshops, gyms, offices, etc. Such garages also require good lighting. This started the latest craze for garage doors with windows which look good both from the outside and on the inside, and light up the room. If you want to allow more light into your garage, consider installing a glass garage door. It can be elegant and hard-wearing at the same time, and reinforced with a strong aluminium frame. One thing is sure, your garage will never look the same again.

    4.2. Daring colours

    A standard white garage doors went out of style. Daring dark colours are the way to go! Choose a colour complementary to that of exterior walls, which will make your garage door stand out from afar. Dont shy away from black either, as its become a huge hit in interior and exterior design.

    4.3. Cutting-edge technologies

    Its become perfectly clear that its just a matter of time before we start controlling our garage doors over Wi-Fi and smart mobile apps. A smart garage door will be able to open remotely and well be able to check if theyre locked while were away. Smart technologies also allow security, dog walkers, cleaning staff, etc. to enter your house at an arranged time, so you dont have to be at home to open the door for them.

    4.4. Suitable materials

    Garage doors used to be made of iron, wood, or aluminium, while today, it seems that those made of synthetic materials best fit the frame. Materials like PVC and fibreglass are appealing to buyers due to their light weight, affordable price, and reduced maintenance, but also the fact theyre firm, hard-wearing, good insulators, and theres a wide choice of styles and colours.

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