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      blinds providers, installers in Nigeria

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      window blind
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      Window blinds - Useful tips and information

      Exterior shading solutions aim to darken or provide shade to large windows to prevent overheating during the summer. The most efficient solutions are those able to block most of the sunlight. In addition to controlling the amount of heat and light, shutters can also keep burglars away. Shading solutions are either retractable or fixed, and both types come in various varieties. If you want to give your house a classic look, add solid-panel shutters. Whether wooden or metal, they’re great at providing thermal insulation and protection against the elements. Exterior roller shutters or Venetian blinds are mostly used for houses, but also industrial, commercial, and public buildings. Venetian blinds can either block or allow sunlight into a room, depending on whether they’re up or down and on the position of their slats. For terraces and balconies, you can use a parasol or an awning, but beware of the wind, though. Retractable or fixed canopies or pergolas are good for large surfaces, such as yards and driveways. In addition to exterior (Venetian) blinds, you can protect your windows with elements which form part of the house’s structure, such as arches and drip edges. Check out other tips we’ve prepared for you, and use our calculator to find out prices of shading solutions and their installation. You can also always contact our experts, who’ll be more than happy to reply.

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