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    How much do PVC windows cost? PVC windows are the most widespread type, as opposed to aluminium and wooden windows. The price of a plastic window depends on the shape, size, frame, glazing, opening action (fixed, casement, sliding windows), mechanism, and hardware. A standard PVC double-glazed window is priced anywhere between NGN30,000 and NGN50,000/unit.

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    Average Cost of PVC Windows

    The cost of a PVC window. The cost of a double-glazed PVC window.

    30000.00 ₦/unit


    50000.00 ₦/unit

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    Average Cost of PVC Windows, Labor-Only

    Labor cost to install a PVC window. The cost of a double-glazed PVC window.

    4000.00 ₦/unit


    6000.00 ₦/unit

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    PVC windows - everything you need to know

    1. PVC windows—must-knows

    1.1. Advantages of PVC windows

    PVC windows
    Choose the best PVC window supplier

    Simple manufacturing at an affordable price

    PVC windows have lately become the number one choice among homeowners. Theres no doubt this has to do with their reasonable price, as these windows are much cheaper than those made of aluminium and wood.

    Plastic windows provide great thermal insulation

    Like doors, windows too have a significant impact on heat loss in houses and offices, sometimes even up to 30%. Thermal insulating properties of a PVC window depend on the frame thickness and thermal transmittance (Uf value), thermal transmittance of the glass (Ug value), and thermal transmittance of the window as a whole (Uw value). In order to be energy-efficient, windows have to be airtight, which is ensured through triple insulation. The lower the thermal transmittance rate (Uw) the better the window. So, installing windows of high quality can help you cut heating costs significantly, sometimes even by as much as a third! The ability of PVC windows to provide thermal insulation can be compared to that of aluminium and wooden windows.

    PVC windows are quite soundproof

    When choosing windows for your home, make sure you consider the environment where you live (e.g. heavy traffic or countryside), as this will help you make decisions regarding soundproofing. Sound dampening performance in windows is shown by an Rw rating—the bigger the better. PVC windows sound dampening performance can be compared to that of aluminium and wooden windows.

    PVC windows and reduced maintenance

    PVC windows are quite easy to maintain. They just need an occasional wipe with a damp cloth. Unlike wooden windows, they dont require regular coating. Theyre resistant to acids, UV radiation, corrosion, and extreme weather. The only additional maintenance wed recommend is lubricating hardware with high-quality machining oil.

    PVC windows look good

    Windows are a valuable asset to your homes aesthetics. The market has a bunch of options to offer in all shapes and colours, so youll surely find one which fits your needs and preferences.


    The expected lifespan of PVC windows is 40 years. Suppliers of quality PVC windows provide a 10 years warranty.

    Safety and burglary protection

    Safe windows providing burglary protection always feature high-quality hardware which dont allow break-ins and movement of sashes.

    1.2. Disadvantages of PVC windows

    Warping in the heat

    PVC can warp at high temperatures. If a poor-quality window has been exposed to the sun for a long time, it can bend and, as a result, open and close with difficulty. However, once it cools down, itll work again like it used to. This doesnt happen often, but when it does, its usually with large windows, while high-quality windows dont face such problems at all.

    The colour can change after some time

    Unlike aluminium and wooden windows, those made of PVC cant be painted.

    Non-degradable material

    Plastic doesnt degrade naturally, i.e. it takes a hundred or more years to degrade. However, recent years have seen a rise in the number of manufacturers who use recycled plastics to reduce the amount of waste. On the other hand, PVC is long-lasting, which makes up for its non-biodegradability. That said, PVC windows are not quite a green solution.

    2. Choice of contractors

    The list of available manufacturers and suppliers of PVC windows is as long as your arm. Buying windows is by no means short-term investment, so its very important you choose carefully and get as many offers as you can before you make the final decision.

    PVC windows
    PVC windows are the number one choice among homeowners

    2.1. Warranty on windows

    The warranty period speaks volumes about the quality. Manufacturers and suppliers who have faith in their product can offer a ten-year or longer warranty. While under warranty, products may not have any deficiencies, either aesthetical or functional, and even if defects do occur, they cant result from poor quality, but rather improper use.

    2.2. Reliable installation and maintenance professionals

    Quality of windows means nothing if they havent been installed correctly. Improper installation, which can cause thermal bridging, can cancel out all advantages that come with a high-quality product. Therefore, whoever you choose for this job, make sure they have their own skilled workers who they work with and who use high-quality materials suitable for the type of installation at hand. If the supplier provides repair services for its products and guarantees supply and replacement of spare parts, too, youve probably found the one.

    2.3. PVC window quality assurance

    Manufacturers and suppliers use various quality certificates and assurances, which theyll provide you with after installation, to prove their products have the right quality. These documents include technical data, specifications, environmental and energy certificates, etc.

    3. Installation of PVC windows

    3.1. What is proper installation?

    Youll know that your PVC windows have been installed properly if the installation complies with certain technical procedures ensuring energy efficiency, protection, durability, and safe and simple use. In order for PVC windows to provide a certain degree of thermal insulation and sound dampening, they have to be airtight, meaning there are no gaps and cracks around window frames, which would allow heat loss. This means that the frame is free of any defects and gaps around it. Window leaves must be easy to open and close, while hardware and opening mechanism have to be free of damage. A window is supposed to open and close without any difficulty. Window handles also have to be well installed and fixed in place.

    3.2. Step-by-step guide to PVC window installation

    1)    Windows are delivered.
    2)    Contractors explain how the process will work.
    3)    Walls, floors, and other exposed surfaces are protected.
    4)    The existing windows are removed.
    5)    The frame is levelled and fitted within the wall opening. A laser distance measurer can help you determine the angle, height, and depth of the window to be installed.
    6)    The window is fitted within the opening and sealed with certain sealants depending on the type of installation (standard, eco-friendly, or RAL).
    Standard installation

    This is the most common method of window installation. The window frame is screwed to the wall, and the gap between the wall and window is filled with spray foam.

    Eco-friendly installation

    Gaps between the wall and window is filled with eco-friendly water-based elastic foam, constantly expanding and shrinking depending on the atmospheric conditions, thus providing great energy efficiency. This form of installation is particularly suitable for renovation of old buildings.

    RAL installation

    RAL installation is a must when installing windows in low-energy and passive houses, but its also recommended for new builds as it provides the best thermal insulation, since heat loss is virtually impossible. Windows are sealed with a vapour-permeable product on the inside, and with elastic polyurethane foam (low expansion foam) on the outside, which makes sure vapour can leave a room, but cant seep into it. RAL installation also prevents water ingress into the walls, and thus condensation, as well.

    7)     Inspections and checks come last.
    8)    Contractors give you instructions on proper use and maintenance, as well as suitable certificates and warranty.

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