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    How much does custom-made woodwork cost? The prices of custom-made furniture may vary considerably, primarily depending on the materials. For instance, your kitchen cupboards may be made of solid wood, chipboards, or veneered chipboards. In addition to wood, it can also include marble or kerrock. You can get custom-made furniture for your bathroom, too. Your local woodworker can guide you every step of the way. The price of tailor-made pieces of furniture depends on the material, hardware, handles, knobs, veneers, assembly, installation, etc. Made-to-measure indoor equipment is about 30% more expensive than standard equipment, but it’s much stronger in quality, and it’s only yours. We’ve prepared a price list, which will help you calculate the costs of design, manufacturing, and assembly.

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    Average Cost of Carpentry/Joinery Services

    The cost of carpentry/joinery jobs, production of custom-made furniture. The cost of made-to-measure chipboard or solid wood furniture.

    65.00 ₦/m2


    156.00 ₦/m2

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    Average Cost of Carpentry/Joinery Services, Labor-Only

    Labor cost of carpentry/joinery jobs, production of custom-made furniture. The cost of made-to-measure chipboard or solid wood furniture.

    65.00 ₦/m2


    156.00 ₦/m2

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    Carpenter, carpentry - everything you need to know

    1. Why choose custom-made furniture?

    Custom-made kitchens, custom-made bedrooms, custom-made desks, everything custom-made! Why?

    Furniture available in stores has standard dimensions, its made of standard materials in standard shapes, which is why it may not fit in with your space. A woodworker can make every single piece of furniture exactly how you want it, and ensure the size, materials, colours, and shapes are everything you wished for. There are other benefits that come with custom-made furniture, which well discuss here.

    There are numerous advantages to custom-made furniture!

    Wood work
    There are numerous advantages to custom-made furniture! 

    1.1. Custom-made furniture is adaptable

    When we say that custom-made furniture completely adapts to your ideas and needs, we mean that today theres nothing a woodworker cant make. In fact, if youre a fan of unique pieces, custom-made furniture is the right choice for you. Its almost impossible to use standard furniture in a loft with very steep slopes or old houses with uneven and crumbly walls. A woodworker, on the other hand, can make every piece of furniture fit the place which its intended for. This will help you make use of a space where otherwise you couldnt be able to even sit or stand.

    1.2. Harmonizing your home

    If you want to make your pieces of furniture match in material, shape, or colour across all rooms (especially if you have an open-plan house where, for instance, the living room, dining room, and kitchen are all part of a single living space), then only a woodworker can help you.

    1.3. Uniqueness

    Pieces of furniture made according to the designers drawings and your ideas, are always unique. They reflect your wishes, needs, and style, and perfectly fit every room. Whats more important, nobody will have such pieces, but you!

    1.4. Exact dimensions

    Exact dimensions are also one of the reasons why home owners decide to get custom-made furniture. For instance, very tall people need a bed thats longer than standard 200 cm. Wheelchair accessible kitchen worktops or islands have to be set lower than 92 cm, which is the standard height. Furniture stores dont offer 75 cm high worktops, so only a woodworker can make one. The examples are endless.

    1.5. Quality

    Its very important you hire a recognized and verified woodworker. A woodworker dedicated to their job will always use high quality materials and hardware, and in case of any damage, theyll repair it quickly and properly, which isnt the case with furniture stores.

    2. How to choose the right woodworker?

    When looking for a good woodworker, we recommend you given them "homework". The more offers you get, the more choice youll have, but one thing that will help you reach the decision are the assignment results, i.e. the offer.

    2.1. Where to find a woodworker?

    We recommend you ask those friends, co-workers, and acquaintances whove had something custom made. If you hire a designer to make sketches for a piece, they will certainly be able to recommend someone wholl make it. Also, you can always visit our Daibau portal and see the list of all recommended and verified woodworkers in your area. If you click on the available links, youll see their profiles with reviews and recommendations by previous customers, which may help you make a selection.

    2.2. Get as many offers as you can

    Daibau helps you get multiple offers based on a single enquiry, which will definitely save you time and energy youd otherwise spend looking for somebody to hire. Also, you cant know for sure if a price is competitive and fair unless you have different offers to compare. Its also important that, before the works start, you get the offer in writing, specifying the exact deadline and payment terms. Be sure to ask your candidates for references, too. The decision-making process will be greatly facilitated if you could see the previous work in person to ensure it has the right quality, and maybe even talk to the owners of the pieces.

    2.3. Custom-made furniture prices

    The price is a deciding factor when making a purchase, especially in these situations where the price range is very wide. The price greatly depends on the choices you make in terms of materials, hardware, brackets, backrest, upholstery, etc. When furniture is custom-made, youre the one choosing the separate elements, which is not the case in furniture stores, where youre offered minimum alternatives, if any. Custom-made furniture can sometimes even turn out to be cheaper, but its always more valuable. But theres still more to it—the money you pay for a custom-made piece of furniture is the woodworkers cost of labour, while only a portion of this is the material suppliers share. In furniture stores, however, a marketing margin, distribution costs, transportation costs, and profit account for the largest portion of the price.

    2.4. Delivery time

    Delivery time varies among suppliers, but usually the whole process, including delivery and assembly, lasts for a month or two. How long youll have to wait to get your furniture, depends on the number of pending orders the woodworker already has and the complexity of your order. If youre in a rush for whatever reason, then custom-made pieces are not a good solution. Like any other true professional, a good woodworker is always busy, so you might wait for months. Making furniture (depending on the quantity and complexity) for a flat may take several weeks, but in case of special and demanding requests, it may even take months.

    3. What can a woodworker make?

    The range of woodwork can be quite broad. Woodworkers mostly use timber to make furniture, but they use other materials, as well. They make kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, garden, and office furniture, and other items used to equip a flat, family house, school, hotel, sports hall, guest house, restaurant, cinema, commercial or public facility. In addition to making furniture, woodworkers also repair, assemble, and restore furniture and other household items made of wood. Some specialize in certain types of works, and only make doors, windows, roof structures, roofs, different types of structures, bridges, canopies, barns, holiday houses, etc. Then there are those only making stages, sets, boats, sportsguns, sports equipment, musical instruments, flooring, wooden covers, slabs, trims, etc.

    4. Step-by-step guide

    Before you contact a woodworker, we suggest you figure out what kind of furniture you want exactly. It might be a good idea to consult an architect or interior designer, wholl be able to make drawings with precise descriptions and dimensions, based on your wishes, and their experience and know how. These will help you get an exact offer. If your plan is to visit multiple woodworkers without these drawings, dont, because you wont get proper offers that you can compare as everyone would interpret your request their own way. However, when you have a drawing made by an architect or your own, it helps woodworkers prepare a work order and workshop drawings. Note that if the architect (or you) includes dimensions of the space where you plan to put the furniture, the woodworker must check them one more time before they start their work. Once everything is confirmed and agreed on, the next step involves making a cost estimate and advance payment, so that the woodworker can purchase the materials and get down to work. Woodworkers usually make the furniture in their workshops, and then assemble and fit it in your house. Its very important that the woodworker should keep checking the dimensions throughout the work process.

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