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      parquet layers in Nigeria
      parquet layers in Nigeria

      Parquet laying - Useful tips and information

      Parquet is the most popular flooring option, but once you decide to get it, there are many other decisions yet to make. The number one choice is the classic parquet wood flooring because it looks nice, it’s sturdy and nice to touch. There are two- and three-layer parquets, those made of solid or inlaid wood, while patterns come in all sorts of shapes—herringbone, V shape, hexagonal, rectangular, brick effect, and many others. Each type has its advantages, but all of them are durable. Thick parquet flooring can be repaired more than once by sanding and lacquering. Composite flooring is cheaper and provides more options, and it includes ply, laminate, cork, or solid wood parquet, which can be paired with underfloor heating. Another option is end matched flooring, which is also suitable for outdoors. Every type of wood comes with a certain degree of hardness and colour, which is something to consider when making a choice; oak flooring is very hard and light-coloured, while walnut flooring is softer and thinner. The choice of protective coating (oil vs lacquer) also depends on the type of flooring. Oiled flooring is more appealing, as it accentuates the wood colour and structure, but is more sensitive to impact and dust. Lacquering is definitely a more sustainable solution. Take a look at some of the other advice we’ve prepared, and use our calculator to check parquet prices. You can also always contact our experts, who’ll be more than happy to reply.

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