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    How much do a roof and roof structure cost? The price of a roof primarily depends on the material (bricks, concrete, metal), type, pitch (flat, hipped, gable), and of course, the bidder. It’s always more expensive to renovate roof coverings since it involves removal and disposal of damaged parts. Today, all roof coverings within the same class have the same quality. However, be ready to pay between NGN1,500,000 - NGN3,500,000 for a standard roof constructed with aluminium sheets, this price covers all aspect of roofing, from carpentry to laying of sheets.

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    Average Cost of Metal Roofing Sheets

    The cost of metal sheet roofing. The cost of T14 trapezoidal metal roof covering. The cost of roofing, excluding insulation.

    5000.00 ₦/m2


    8000.00 ₦/m2

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    Average Cost of Metal Roofing Sheets, Labor-Only

    Labor cost to construct a metal sheet roof. The cost of T14 trapezoidal metal roof covering. The cost of roofing, excluding insulation for a regular family bungalow.

    500.00 ₦/m2


    1000.00 ₦/m2

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    I have a leak on my house roof. would you be able to fix it?

    This is a face me and face you house which the roof is leaking. I have get carpenter to fix it before but is now has more leaks than before. 0.0396 ₦ to 0.066 ₦


    Aluminum roofing

    Aluminum roofing of a bungalow building 0.099 ₦ to 0.165 ₦


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