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      renovation and renewal providers in Nigeria
      renovation and renewal providers in Nigeria

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      Renovation of building inside and outside and round the compound
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      I need home remodeling
      Facade painting or upgrading, creation of 2 wood pergola.

      Renovations, remodel - Useful tips and information

      It seems that the housing market is on the rise, especially when it comes to older houses/flats. However, every house requires some makeover of a certain degree before moving in. Most buildings were constructed before the introduction of modern construction and earthquake protection practices (before 1963), so they lack good foundations, wall ties, materials, while stone structures have a lot of gaps. A building can be renovated by installing wall ties, replacing or reinforcing ceiling structures, or supporting them with new load-bearing walls. You can also build new walls or reinforce the existing ones with mortar. If a building is made of concrete, reinforced concrete structural members can make it sturdier, or you can replace partition walls with load-bearing walls, add reinforcement made of composite materials, etc. In case of damp or mould, walls can be dried, while thermal insulation and waterproofing layers can be upgraded. Insulation of underground parts, such as the basement and foundation, should be updated every once in a while. Balconies can also cause many problems as they didn’t use to be insulated back in the day, which generates excessive heat loss. After all damage has been repaired, insulation should be installed on all sides. Repairing an old house can be quite challenging, especially if you don’t have the original design. If this is the case, we recommend you have somebody make a design and a list of construction works, as this will help you avoid complications and save tonnes of money. We’ve prepared other tips about this topic to make sure everything goes smoothly. Of course, you can always send an enquiry and our top construction professionals will be more than happy to reply.

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