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      excavating contractors, excavator operators in Nigeria
      excavating contractors, excavator operators in Nigeria

      Excavations - Useful tips and information

      Before excavating a construction pit, you should check the quality of soil by probing, which is part of a geotechnical report. Soil can be loose, standard, solid, or rocky, in which case excavation is more challenging and expensive. Bulk excavation is performed when the design includes a basement, while small excavation is done for strip or pad foundations. The excavated soil is set aside and used for other works if needed. Pits usually require reinforcement to prevent any erosion or water ingress. Vertical elements of such reinforcement (either separate or continuous) are usually bored (micro)piles, steel profiles and planks, jet grout piles, and reinforced concrete diaphragms. Components whose function is to resist horizontal forces include different kinds of self-drilling anchor bolts, threadbars, and ground anchor bolts, and steel structures. Shuttering is performed by means of fabric, mesh, or shotcrete. In addition to construction pits, there are also those intended for pipework, cabling, etc. Every foundation should be surrounded with a channel drain for stormwater drainage. Take a look at other advice we’ve prepared for you, and use our calculator to check out the cost of these works. You can also always contact our experts and they’ll be more than happy to reply.

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