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      Facade - Useful tips and information

      A facade is said to be the face of a home. A facade system consists of the primer, steel fabric, insulation, an adhesive layer, and the final layer. It’s also very important you choose the right colour, since this will be the most conspicuous feature and the first impression the house gives. Make sure the colour you choose fits the surroundings, as bright and saturated colours may spoil the overall view. Proper thermal insulation of external walls is the crucial step towards energy efficiency of the entire building, so the materials have to be chosen wisely. The list of available insulation materials is endless, from styrofoam to stone wool. Good insulation materials have proper thermal conductivity and a long lifespan. Facade construction may result in thermal bridging, which leads to constant heat loss to a greater or lesser degree. To avoid this, hire an experienced facade professional. We’ve made a list of such professionals in your area, who can answer your questions or send their offers. Use our calculator to check facade installation costs.

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