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    How much do alarm systems cost? The price of alarm systems may vary depending on the complexity and type (wired vs wireless), quality, number of initiating devices, operating mode, and of course, the bidder. To install an average burglar alarm system, with the control panel, sensors and cameras, be ready to pay between NGN35,000 and NGN100,000. It’s needless to say that it only takes one prevented burglary to prove this investment is priceless, so don’t hesitate even for a second.

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    Average Cost of an Alarm System

    The cost of an alarm system. The cost of procuring and installing an alarm system with a main unit, sensors, and cameras.

    40000.00 ₦/unit

    65000.00 ₦/unit

    80000.00 ₦/unit

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    Price guide CCTV camera, security (2024)

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    CCTV camera, security - everything you need to know

    1. Must-knows about alarm systems

    Growth in house and commercial burglaries has drawn attention to the importance of people and property protection, which requires careful technical planning. An alarm system is a set of devices and accessories designed to detect and prevent adverse events. Its especially important that your home be protected when youre not there, especially if youre away for several days. Burglars always target flats, houses, and businesses with few obstacles, to lessen the chance of getting caught. Theres a lot you can do on your own to reduce this risk. There are steps you can take to make your house a less tempting target. One of them is to set a high-quality monitored alarm system.

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    1.1. Not every burglary protection is a security system

    Theres a great difference between burglary protection and a complete home security system. The latter protects both the occupants and the property, so its definitely a wiser investment. Before you choose a bidder, do your homework on the devices and services they offer and how the system works. Burglary protection is the basic type of an alarm system, and it includes door and window sensors. It notifies you or the security team, depending on settings, in case of a break-in. This is no doubt useful, but this system wont notify you about other adverse events like fire, carbon monoxide leak, flooding, etc.

    1.2. Alarm systems work even when the power is out

    Many users are worried about power supply to an alarm system. Imagine youre away for a holiday and a storm causes a power failure. Will your alarm system keep on working? Is your home still protected? Do you need to rush back home? These are all legitimate concerns. Heres something to put you at ease: no matter what system youve got, itll continue working even when the power is out. Classic electronic alarm systems are usually low-voltage, meaning they dont need much power to work. Such systems have a battery backup, which supplies it with power during a failure. Some systems are solar powered. These are all autonomous systems. They come at a higher price, but if you prefer greener options, then this is a win-win for both your home and the environment.

    1.3. The security system must fit your home and suit your needs

    Although there are vendors wholl tell you about one-size-fits-all systems, these dont actually exist. Security systems vary in type, purpose, and coverage. Those which include more features and provide more protection cost more money, but still cant fit any house. A bigger house requires a system capable of controlling more information, but the system still must be adapted to occupants habits and lifestyle.

    1.4. Many systems offer personal protection

    Imagine a situation where somebody slips and falls on the stairs, but cant reach their phone. How much time would pass before somebody find them? Many state-of-the-art home security systems are equipped with technologies which are precious in such situations. If you press the button on a pendant or bracelet, youll alarm a special service available 24/7. This solution is great for seniors, people who live alone, or without any neighbours nearby.

    1.5. Low insurance premiums and other positive aspects

    In addition to feeling secure about your own safety and that of your property, there are other positive aspects of installing a high-quality alarm system. For example, some insurance companies offer cheaper plans to homeowners with high-end alarm systems. Some security systems notify owners of malfunctioning appliances to prevent damage. In short, alarm systems really help homeowners worry less and make them feel safe when in or out of the house.

    2. Alarm system installers

    Considering their importance, we strongly advise you do your research on different alarm systems and their characteristics, and make a wise choice. First ask how long the company has been around. We suggested you dont hire those who have been in the business for less than 10 years, because in addition to experience, its important they have the right equipment and devices. Also consider how far away their monitoring centre is from your home and how long it would take them to come in case the alarm goes off.

    3. Types of alarm systems

    3.1. Wired alarms

    A wired alarm system provides communication between the sensors and alarm panel/monitoring centre, through wiring and cables installed in your walls. This system is comprised of a LV circuit with sensors installed at windows and doors. The current flows seamlessly and the circuit is closed as long as all windows and doors are closed. The moment theyre opened or sensors detect movement, the alarms go off.

    3.2. Wireless alarm systems

    Thanks to wireless technology all sensors can communicate with monitoring devices through radio frequencies and mobile information. As soon as the sensors detect movement, the information is automatically sent to the devices/panel which activate the alarms.

    3.3. Self-monitored burglar alarms

    These systems send an alert to you and whoever you designate in settings, after which you can notify the security team or authorities. This system features sound and light signals, but it wont automatically notify the security youve hired. Theyre usually cheaper than monitored systems, which means they provide less protection. Note that you may lose signal or simply be away from your phone when your get a notification.

    3.4. Monitored burglar alarms

    Hiring a professional security team to protect you, your family, and your house would certainly make you feel safer.

    In case anything bad happens, the system wont just alert you, but it will also alert the security team wholl get help.

    3.5. Different alarm systems according to type of protection

    Alarm systems also differ in what theyre protecting you against. They can protect you against fire, flood, changes in temperature, burglary, unauthorized access, etc., so there are:

    - burglar alarm systems,

    - fire alarm systems,

    - surveillance systems, and

    - access control systems.

    4. Installing a house alarm

    The installation process mostly depends on the system you choose for your home. A regular wired system must be installed by a professional electrician. This work involves drilling holes through walls, chase cutting, laying cable casings from the sensors to the alarm panel. A wireless system, on the other hand, is much easier to install, since this doesnt require any construction works. Most wireless systems are autonomous because theyre battery- or solar-powered. A direct contact with a security team requires additional equipment. We recommend you get all information before the beginning of works to be able to prepare properly.

    4.1. Alarms in new buildings

    Before starting the installation process, an alarm system installer would first inspect the dwelling, its surroundings, and other factors (drawings and site visit), and based on this and occupants lifestyle, theyd decide what the most suitable system would be. When planning an alarm system layout, dont forget to consider other wiring systems, e.g. AC, as you dont want to block the sensors and impede their work. Once the plans been made, the next stage is laying cables which provide communication between the sensors and alarm panel. The best moment to start this is right before plasterwork, at the time when other wiring is laid as well, so that nothing remains visible on the outside. Installation is followed by a trial, and if need be, adjustments.

    4.2. Alarms in existing buildings

    In existing buildings, alarm system installers usually try to avoid drilling holes and making chase cut-outs. Instead, they run cables through pipes or casings at the bottom of the wall, so theyre quite easy on the eye. The good thing is that all other wiring is already laid, which leaves no room for surprises. The entire alarm system is installed together with cables.


    CCTV camera, security - everything you need to know

    1. Reasons why you should have cctv camera

    Closed circuit television was once seen in Nigeria as a device that was meant solely for commercial areas, especially financial institutions. But over time it gained acclaim not just in places of business but also places of worship and homes. As one of the most cost-effective and easiest systems to set up CCTV is used by a number of people now to secure their lives and property. CCTV camera, security

    And with the high demand for CCTV cameras in Lagos and beyond there has also been an increase in the number of CCTV camera installation experts. If you are still of the opinion that CCTV cameras should be used just in places of business, then follow this post and see some of the reasons why it is essential to have CCTV installed on almost all your properties.

    1.1 Online real-time surveillance and evidence

    Ok, so you used to think that just banks need to have CCTV right as they are the ones safeguarding funds for customers. Wrong! Every business, homes inclusive needs CCTV cameras mounted around them. A lot of times we hear stories, especially in Nigeria of maids stealing from their bosss provision store or molesting their bosss children. If there weren’t CCTV footage to lend credence to some of these reports, it definitely would fall on deaf ears when presented before a jury.

    For example, a child reports that he was molested by the nanny taking care of him/her, it is reported to the police and the nanny is summoned who would likely deny the allegations. The case would most likely be rendered moot as it’s the nannys word against the child’s if there isn’t video or picture evidence to back the child’s claim up.

    It is not uncommon anymore to see most parents mounting CCTV cameras in their houses even if not to catch their house staff in wrongdoing but also to monitor the behavior of their children online and in real-time remotely.

    1.2. Foster employee productivity

    Not to sound like a cynic but if you want your employees to be up and about their business every day without wasting your time and resources as the business owner then using a close circuit camera to micromanage them is the way to go. If you own a retail business or a factory and would want to increase the productivity of your workers then using CCTV is the way to go. Studies have shown that workers who knew they were under CCTV surveillance tended to work harder and were more productive than those who weren’t being monitored. CCTV monitoring has its benefits as regards employee productivity such as being able to identify bottlenecks in processes or areas where employees may be experiencing difficulties.

    1.3. Improve customer shopping experience

    CCTV cameras have helped data analysts and business behavioral analysts isolate and interpret customers behavior, buy-choice, and preferences right from the time they step into a shopping mall until they leave. This would then be taken as feedback to help improve the overall buyers experience and help increase sales.

    CCTV cameras have been used to monitor customer behavior and help store managers and employees better understand customer preferences and needs. This information can be used to improve the layout and design of the store, as well as the selection and placement of products. For example, if a store manager notices that customers tend to linger longer in certain areas of the store, they may choose to place more attractive or higher-demand products in those areas to encourage customers to spend more time in the store.

    So if you want to monitor your store and help create more user-friendly products and sections that would lead to sales then have a CCTV installer from our platform do justice to your store.

    1.4. Cut down security costs

    This is a no-brainer. Okay, lets do the math. You buy CCTV cameras (a one-off expenditure) and mount them around your house and in your house to safeguard. Now if you got original products, you wont be replacing them for a long while as they can serve for years. Now juxtapose this against getting say a security guard, who mind you, cant be everywhere at every time, and having to pay him monthly and also feed him (in most cases) and cater for some of his medical bills.

    Also with the advent of new technology and fiber optics, there has been a considerable slash on the cost of CCTVs as you can have a full-scale circuit monitoring up and running at almost half the price it would have cost prior to now. You get to save money any way you look at it.

    1.5. Little or no maintenance

    Apart from the occasional checks for dust and debris that would have accumulated around the cameras (which can be done by you) and very rare occasions where you have to update the software and check the connection (which I suggest be done by a professional CCTV installer) the maintenance of a close circuit television is almost non-existent. There wont be a need to keep checking on the firmware and all, except if the manufacturers have made a significant update and require that all their users oblige. Only then would there be a need to follow suit and request an update or maintenance.

    2. Conclusion

    Prior to now we only thought CCTV was just good for security but we can see that it also helps increase business analytics and productivity to drive growth. It is cheaper as opposed to a security guard and almost cost nothing to maintain. Though some people have argued that its an intrusion into their privacy but the pros in no little way outweigh the cons. Why not safeguard and give your house, business, and surrounding that extra security it needs? Talk to any of our seasoned CCTV installation professionals at Daibau and get a good quote on the best products out there, make your choice and have them install for you. Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan, Ogun, Enugu anywhere!!! Hop on our site and engage us and we would be glad to provide you with the best installers in Nigeria..


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