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The aim of this Privacy Policy is to provide the users of our website https:// (hereinafter referred to as "the website") with information on personal data processing conducted during and/or in relation to your use of our website. Personal data are collected solely for the purpose of implementing projects in demand or consultation about specific demands which could lead to project implementation in the future.

If you do not agree with any of the provisions hereof, please do not continue using our website. Your further use of this website and access to its content and/or use of related services that we provide additionally, shall be deemed as acceptance of this Privacy Policy.

In case our website contains links to other websites or services, please learn about individual privacy policies of such websites and services.

1.1. Personal data processing

Pursuant to the Law on Personal Data Protection of the Republic of Serbia (Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia No. 87/2018, hereinafter referred to as the Law on Data Protection), personal data shall mean any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person, directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to an identifier such as a name and an identification number, location data, an online identifier in electronic communication networks or to one and/or more characteristics of the physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural, or social identity of that natural person;

The legal basis for processing your personal data can be your consent or the fact that the processing in question is necessary for us to be able to pursue our legitimate interests (or legitimate interests of a third party) or is necessary for performance of a contract concluded with us or performance of our legal obligations. The purpose of specific processing may be to enable functioning of our website and/or an analysis and further improvement of its performances and/or to offer personalized content and/or to provide services which you reqested and/or communication about the aforementioned and/or communication with you for marketing purposes.

1.2. Data controller

The purpose and method of personal data processing, in accordance with the Law on Personal Data Protection, shall be determined by the data controller. The following person shall be the data controller:

  • LTD
  • 13A Acme road, Ogba, Lagos, Nigeria
  • TIN: 31692012-0001
  • E-mail: [email protected]

1.3. Data subjects' rights

As a data subject, you are entitled to certain rights with regard to processing such data, under conditions and in cases provided for by the Law on Personal Data Protection:

  • the right to request information about processing of your personal data;
  • the right to access your personal data and ask for a copy—pursuant to the Law on Personal Data Protection, a data subject shall have the right to request to be informed by the controller of whether the controller is processing the data subject's personal data, to access such data, and to be informed of the following:
    • the purpose of processing;
    • the type of personal data being processed;
    • the recipient or types thereof to whom the personal data have been disclosed or are to be disclosed, especially if these receipients are abroad or international organisations;
    • the specified personal data retention period, or if this is not possible, the criteria for setting such a period;
    • the existence of the right to request modification or deletion of their personal data from the controller, the right to restrict processing, and the right to object to processing;
    • the right to file a complaint with the Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection;
    • the available information about the personal data source, if the personal data have not been obtained from the data subject;
  • the right to modify, supplement, or delete your personal data, in which case, we are obliged to act on such a request as of its receipt without any delay;
  • the right to restric processing in case where you contest data's accuracy;
  • the right to receive and transfer data in a structured, commonly used, and machine-readable format (the right to data portability—the data subject's right to transmit data to another controller without hindrance from the controller to which the data have been provided if the processing is based on consent in accordance with the Law on Personal Data Protection or a contract and if the processing is automated);
  • the right to object to your personal data processing (if the processing is based on legitimate interests or done for direct marketing purposes, including profiling in such cases), and the right to suspend their processing;
  • the right to legal remedies provided for by the Law on Personal Data Protection, including the right to file a complaint with the Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection, and the right to judicial remedial proceedings;
  • the right to revoke the consent to personal data processing (without prejudice to the legality of the processing preceding such revocation).

To exercise your above-mentioned rights (if applicable in your situation), and in case of any questions regarding this Privacy Policy, you can contact us using the contact details above.

1.4. Disclosure to competent authorities

If required by law, we reserve the right to disclose your data to competent state authorities, all in accordance with Article 12, paragraph 1, item 3 of the Law on Personal Data Protection, stipulating that processing is lawful if necessary for the controller's compliance.


When you visit or use our website for information purposes only, i.e. if you do not sign up or provide your personal data otherwise, we only collect your personal data transferred by your search engine, which is technically necessary in order for us to be able to show our website's content correctly and ensure stability and security.

The following data are automatically stored in this way:

  • the browser type and version;
  • the operating system used when visiting the website;
  • the website that referred you to our website (referrer);
  • the time and date of your access and duration of your visit;
  • IP address;
  • other similar data we use in case of misuse and attack on our information systems.

These general technical data are stored by the web hosting provider located in Slovenia and controlled by d.o.o., Pod hribom 55, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, within log files.

The server storing our website's hosting is located in Slovenia and controlled by d.o.o., Pod hribom 55, SI-1000 Ljubljana ( We have a personal data processing agreement with the said company. The privacy policy of the company providing us with hosting services can be found at

2.1. Cookies

When you visit and use our website, cookies or other technologies, such as pixels, (hereinafter referred to as "the Cookies") are stored on your computer. Cookies are small text files stored on your device by your search engine to keep certain data or image data, such as pixels. The next time you access our website from the same device, the information stored in the Cookies will later be transferred either to our website ("First-Party Cookies") or to another website to which the Cookie pertains ("Third-Party Cookies").

Thanks to the stored and returned data, the web page in question recognizes that you have already accessed it before and visited it through the search engine you use on your device. We use this information to be able to design and show our website in an optimal way and according to your preferences. Therefore, it is only the cookie that is recognized on your device. In addition, your personal data will be stored only subject to your explicit consent or if strictly necessary for using the services you have been offered and you have accessed.

This website uses the following types of Cookies, whose scope and functionality are explained below:

  • temporary or session cookies;
  • permanent cookies (tracking cookies);
  • First-Party Cookies;
  • other cookies (Third-Party Cookies);

Further information on the types of Cookies used on this website is provided below.

Temporary or session cookies

These are temporary cookies stored in the user's browser's cookie file until the end of the browser visit (during the browsing session and they are deleted as the session moves on). These cookies are necessary for the correct operation of certain apps and website features.

2.1.2 Permanent cookies (tracking cookies)

Permanent cookies can be used for improving user experience (e.g. storing the sign-up data, language settings, etc.). These cookies stay in the cookie file of the user's browser for a longer time until deleted. This time period depends on the user's selections in the web browser settings. Permanent cookies enable upload of information to the web server every time someone visits the website.

2.1.3 First-Party Cookies

Other cookies originate from other, partner websites (which, for instance, measure traffic volume). This enables third parties to collect user data from different websites and use them for various purposes, from advertising and analytics to upgrading their products.

2.1.4 Other cookies (Third-Party Cookies)

Other cookies originate from other, partner websites (which, for instance, measure traffic volume). This enables third parties to collect user data from different websites and use them for various purposes, from advertising and analytics to upgrading their products.

2.1.5 Managing and deleting all cookies

You can prevent most cookie storage in your device through settings in your search engine and/or you can set it to ask you every time if you agree to enable the cookies. Also, you can delete re-enabled cookies at any moment. You can get more detailed information about how this works in the Help option of your search engine. Note that complete disabling of cookies may lead to functional limitations of our website.

2.1.6 Cookies we use

  • DAIBAU cookies—authentication cookies; session data store the data necessary for proper operation and page view in the DAIBAU system during your visit. Duration: 2 months;
  • PHPSESSID cookie: a session cookie is stored when the registered provider signs in and stores a random unique session identifier during the session. The purpose of such a cookie is to enable identification of a signed in user in the DAIBAU system during the session. Duration: during the session;
  • Google analytics COOKIES: cookies tracking website traffic volume:
    • _ga Cookie: This cookie is used for distinguishing unique users by assigning them randomly generated numbers as client identifiers. It is included in every page request on the website and is used to generate data about visitors, sessions, and campaigns for website analytics reports. The default expiry time is two years, although this can be adjusted by web page owners;
    • gat cookies: used for limiting the number of requests, thus limiting data collection on high-traffic-volume websites. It expires after 10 minutes;
    • gid cookie: stores and updates a unique value for every page visited.

    2.2. Website analytics (Google Analytics)

    This website uses Google Analytics, Google's service for website analytics. Google Analytics uses a special type of cookie stored on your computer and enabling an analysis of your use of our website. The cookie-generated information on your use of these web pages is usually sent to Google's server in the United States of America and stored there.

    Please note that the use of Google Analytics is expanded on this website to include the gat._anonymizeIp() code ensuring recording of anonymized IP addresses (the so-called IP masking). Due to IP anonymization on this website, Google truncates your IP address within the area of the European Union and European Economic Area Member States. Exceptionally, the whole IP address is sent to Google's server in the United States of America and truncated there.

    Google uses this information on our behalf to analyze your use of this website with a view to creating a report on the website's activity and providing additional services related to use of the web pages and the Internet. To achieve this purpose, Google can also transfer this information to the third parties below. In the context of Google Analytics services, the IP address your search engine sends is not combined with other Google's data.

    This website uses Google Analytics to analyse the user flow, regardless of the type of device, based on the user identification number (ID). You can disable tracking of your use of multiple devices on your Google account in My information and then Personal Information.

    The legal basis for our use of Google Analytics are our legitimate interests pursuant to Article 12, paragraph 1, item 6 of the Law on Personal Data Protection.


    Your Data are processed with and without electronic means based on logic and procedures in line with the objectives below and with the Law on Personal Data Protection, including both confidentiality and safety of the Data.

    Your data are collected through online question forms, phone calls, or email correspondence. The controller cannot guarantee the security of your data sent through your mail server.

    3.1. Online form

    Through this form, you provide us with information about your project (e.g. project description, answers to additional standard questions, attachments (drawings, sketches, references), project deadline), and contact details (name, phone number, and email address). The online form is adjusted to the category and type of the request you are submitting. When submitting your request, you are asked to learn about our terms and conditions of use and privacy policy. When a form is sent on our web page, our hosting service provider saves the time and date of registration of the IP address used for the sign-up.

    3.2. Email and phone number confirmation

    After you complete an online form, we will send you an email with a link to confirm that you are the owner of the email address specified, after which we will also send you a text message to confirm your phone number. If you fail to confirm that it is you that completed the online form in this way, we will delete your data no later than within 48 hours of the moment we sent you the confirmation email. The controller's employees may also call you to make sure you can find all the missing information.

    3.3. Matching contacts with the suitable contractors

    Your data are shown anonymously to all contractors matching your project's category and location. Only after a contractor shows an interest in your project, it can access your personal data, namely your phone number and name, which we record and monitor on a regular basis.

    You can hide a request from a public ad at any moment, making it more unavailable to contractors. You can also revoke your request at any moment. The contractors who were granted access to your personal data will keep it, unless you request its removal.

    3.4. Notifications

    To ensure successful communication between you and the Contractor, we can send you an email or a text message about the Contractor's new messages, new offers received or requests for inquiry completion.

    3.5. Chats

    You can use the platform to exchange messages with contractors, which only you and the contractor can access.

    3.6. Basis for personal data processing

    The controller will process data based on the following legitimate grounds:

    • your consent;
    • legitimate interests for performing commercial activities;
    • compliance.

    We collect your data solely for the above-mentioned purposes, which have a legitimate legal basis. We process your personal data for no purposes other than those specified herein or necessary for service provision in accordance with our legitimate interests.

    Your data are only sent to verified business entities whose activities match your needs. Economic operators are prohibited from providing third parties with terms and conditions of use unless this is specifically provided for by the cooperation agreement.

    Special bases for personal data processing, depending on the type of activity, are presented below:

    • Getting in touch—when you get in touch with us, e.g. only to ask us for certain information, your personal data must be processed for the purpose of our legitimate interests and in accordance with Article 12, paragraph 1, item 6 of the Law on Personal Data Protection;
    • Marketing—your personal data must be processed for the purpose of our legitimate interests and in accordance with Article 12, paragraph 1, item 6 of the Law on Personal Data Protection when establishing a business relation or improving a business relation with an existing or new client;
    • User sign-up and account—during sign-up, and creating and using a user account, your personal data must be processed for execution of the contract which you are a party to, in accordance with Article 12, paragraph 1, item 2 of the Law on Personal Data Protection;
    • Use of photos—the legal basis for processing is your consent, in accordance with Article 12, paragraph 1, item 1 of the GDPR and Law on Personal Data Protection.

    3.7. Categories of personal data we process

    We collect several categories of personal data in several different situations.

    If you decide to contact us via email or phone, we collect the following personal data, which is also collected through an online form:

    • your contact details: name, phone number, and email address;
    • details about your project;
    • additional optional information about the project, which you provide voluntarily.
    • We do not collect any special categories of personal data, such as information about your racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, or trade union membership, nor do we collect your genetic data or biometric data, data concerning your health condition or data concerning your sex life or sexual orientation.


      Data are accessed solely by our authorized staff (e.g. sales and marketing, and IT staff) based on our need for basic information on clients, and the data are transferred to third parties in the following cases:

      • In case of legitimate interests of third parties, such as competent authorities and public bodies, for their legal purposes;
      • When necessary for contract performance or negotiations of a contract at your request (e.g. providing Data to our dealers or business partners to obtain information, products, or services requested);
      • In case of extraordinary transactions (e.g. changes to the status, purchase, business transfers, etc.).

      Your personal data are transferred to our service providers, e.g. for technical and organizational services provided for the above-mentioned purposes, such as independent consultants, delivery service providers, marketing service providers, and payment service providers. These entities are only provided with data necessary for provision of the agreed services.


      Since we are part of a group of companies operating in multiple countries, your personal data may be transferred to other companies within the group. DAIBAU SISTEM DOO NOVI SAD takes all required measures to ensure legitimate data transfer to other countries pursuant to the GDPR and Law on Personal Data Protection. You can request information on data transfer to other countries at any moment by contacting us using the contact details specified.


      The controller shall retain data for the period necessary to achieve the objectives which the data have been collected for, in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations.

      The personal data we process based on your consent are kept for as long as we have your consent to keep and process them, and for as long as it takes to provide the service. In case of lack of security, we shall delete the data within the shortest reasonable time. If the consent has been provided for a specific period, the data shall be deleted after the expiry of such a period within the shortest reasonable time.

      The personal data processed based on legitimate interests shall be retained as long as the legitimate interests persist, which are assessed based on a legitimate interest test.


      The data that we collect about you are stored in a safe environment. We take organizational, technical, and staff-related procedures and measures to protect data from unauthorized access, disclosure, use, tampering, or destruction by any organization or individual.


      The controller shall make sure your personal data are safe. We have taken relevant technical and organizational measures to protect your data from unauthorized processing and access, and accidental loss, damage, or destruction, including encryption, SSL certificate and password pseudonymization.


      This Privacy Policy may be changed and/or updated. If the data available in the Privacy Policy are changed in any way, we will publish the updated version on our website. We recommend that all users check the website from time to time to ensure they keep up with any changes. All changes to the Privacy Policy shall enter into force after their publication on the website. In case any amendments to the Privacy Policy require new methods of processing of your personal data which are subject to your consent, we will contact you specifically to obtain such consent.


      The authority in charge of data protection shall be the Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection of the Republic of Serbia, with whom you may file a complaint pursuant to the Law on Personal Data Protection.

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