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Which contractor is the right one? Do recommended companies have an interest or spare capacity? How to get verified business contacts? Despite the flood of information, it can be difficult to find the right provider today. We are here to shorten your long search and reduce your risk when choosing.


Post what you need

Once you have posted what you need, we will confirm your project shortly.

We might also check a few more details by phone. If we don't have enough information, we will ask you to provide additional information. If we have not been able to find contractors for your project, we will let you know.


Get a list of interested contractors

As soon as we confirm the project, we will connect you with at least three contractors. You can make an agreement the same day.

We give you all the details and contact information. Usually, more contractors join your project within a week. You can keep track of those contractors who are interested in the project, but we also recommend that you contact them by telephone to check their capacities in the desired execution period


Choose the best one for you

Once you have harmonised all the details of the project, negotiate an offer with the contractors.

You can organise meetings or contact all interested contractors. You can compare them with each other based on their rating and other factors.


Share your rating with the community

The selection of a contractor comes next. We advise you not to select a contractor based only on the lowest price; you should also consider their prevoius projects.

After you have signed the offer or contract with the company you have selected company, you can execute the project. When the contractor has finished the works, we ask you to provide a rating of their quality and the correctness of the works. By giving a rating, you improve your user reputation and help the community to choose a company.

Sharing experience, information and expertise to help everybody in our community to find the right contractor

Despite having publicly accessible databases, you can’t know in which services the company specialises in. Often, you can't even rely on recommendations. Someone who performed well yesterday may have significantly reduced the quality of their services today. We strive to provide you with all this information in one place.

Free, no commission

We do not charge commission to contractors. Submission of an inquiry and the selection of a suggested contractor therefore does not incur any additional or hidden costs.

We remain a free construction platform for all investors.

Prescreened contractors

To help you reduce risk, we review companies’ operations and market experience, and publish their references. We also collect your ratings and professional recommendations and measure the responsiveness of the contractors.

We objectively summarise the quality of a company with a 1–10 rating. We exclude unsuitable contractors.

Verified ratings of our users

Your opinion is the foundation on which we build a reliable and trustworthy platform. Each opinion influences the contractor's rating. Every company on the platform is constantly being rated.

Contractors can't rate themselves. Ratings can only be given by users who used the contractor to complete a project.

Construction specialists

We are a specialised network of construction and home improvement professionals, where we can help you with our expertise and experience. You can find more than 300 specialist categories in the field of construction, renovation and planning.

Daibau was built by architects and construction professionals.

We are happy to assist

If you have a question about your project, please submit an inquiry and we will get back to you within a day. For any frequently asked questions, please check the answers below. If we still haven't answered your question, give us a call.

General information about Daibau

1. Why should I use Daibau?

Daibau makes it easy for anyone undertaking building and renovating projects to find a contractor and reduce the risk. Fill in the inquiry with only a few clicks and we will connect you with suitable and verified companies. This will save you a lot of time and avoid any performance issues.

2. Will this service cost me anything?

The service is completely free for users. We also do not charge any fees. The platform is financed by contractors' subscriptions.

3. Does Daibau carry out construction and renovation works?

Daibau s not a construction provider or craftsman, nor does it provide design and planning services. Daibau is responsible for informing, educating and connecting investors with contractors.

4. Why should I entrust you with data about me and my project?

Your data is safe with us. All project information and your contacts are only visible to the contractors we have selected and that are relevant to your project. The more information you publish, the better the response of all interested companies will be and the sooner you will make an agreement to implement it.

Posting a job

How do I submit an inquiry?

Submitting an inquiry is easy. All you need to do is to fill out the online form. For each box in the form, we ask you questions, depending on the category you choose, to help you better describe your project.

Why do you need my phone number and email?

The phone number is required, as we check every inquiry with a call. We ask you additional questions and complete the data, if necessary. Your contact phone number is also important so that interested contractors can call you. However, a valid email address is required as you will receive all notifications related to your project by email. Make sure you provide the contacts of persons who know the details of the project and are responsible for executing it.

For which services can I submit an inquiry?

On Daibau we cover 220 categories for construction and renovation. You can submit inquiries for virtually all construction and planning-related services. However, for certain categories, more information, such as plans, worksheets and other documents, will be required for publication.

I don’t know exactly what I need. Can I submit an inquiry?

Daibau is intended for actual performance of concrete projects. If you haven’t yet decided what you need, you can contact our media centre for guidance and support prior to construction and renovation. If you only need advice, we can provide you with a contractor to assist you.

I am interested in the price only. Should I submit the inquiry?

If you are only interested in the indicative price, we direct you to an investment price calculator for all 220 categories in the system. If you are planning a project and want to know the differences between the various options first, you can submit an inquiry if you have enough information about what you want.

I am not sure I will definitely carry out the project. Is such a project suitable?

If you are still in the early stages of deciding whether to carry out a project at all, we direct you to the Media Centre and the investment price calculator. As soon as you are sure confident that you will start construction and renovation, we invite you to submit your inquiry again. If you have already submitted an inquiry and we have discovered that the implementation is not yet active, we will not forward the project to the database, but you can set a date when we should call you back and make the project active.

My inquiry has not yet been posted. Did something go wrong?

We receive a lot of inquiries every day, so your project may have slipped through and we apologise in advance for that. In such a case, please call us. We may have tried to reach you in the last few days. In that case, we will send you an email immediately after the unsuccessful call. If you return the call, we will post the inquiry immediately.

I received a message that you did not find any suitable contractors. What should I do?

Despite the large network of contractors who are actively working with us, it may happen that there are no contractors interested in your project. Typically, companies have less interest at peak season, especially if your project is of lesser value. In some cases, where you require a very specific activity and your project is special, we may not even have a suitable company in the network. If you wish, you can contact the administrator and we will do our best to be able to successfully process this kind of project in the future.

I received a message that you don't have enough data. What should I do?

A detailed description is very important for finding the right companies. If we find that you have not provided enough information for the project to allow contractors to respond, we will ask you to complete it. An extensive, but traditional description, a drawing and pictures of the existing situation or reference examples are enough to enable the appropriate companies to respond quickly. When you feel that you have answered all of our additional questions, you can ask the administrator with just a click to post the inquiry.

I submitted a similar inquiry today to one I submitted a while ago. Why didn't you post it?

If you resubmitted the inquiry because there was no response from contractors, we combine the two inquiries and add new potential companies. Because we are always looking for suitable and local companies, we can not guarantee that you will find new contractors and significantly improve the response by submitting a new inquiry. Daibau is not an advertiser where re-posting an ad would produce better results.

Selecting a contractor

I am waiting for plans and bills of quantities. Can I upload them later?

In case of new constructions or projects requiring documentation, you can add plans later and inform the contractors thereof. You can delete and add attachments throughout the entire harmonisation process with proposed contractors.

Quite a few contractors are interested in what the next step is?

In any case, we advise you to call those contractors who have expressed an interest and check whether they are still able to carry out the work on the desired date. If there are a lot of contractors, you can choose the best ones based on their ratings by clicking on the star icon. However, you can delete those that you do not consider appropriate by clicking 'delete' and selecting the reason for deletion.

No contractors have contacted me.A re any companies interested at all?

Contractors are particularly busy during the peak season. Even though they have been notified of your project by email, SMS and mobile application, they may miss the opportunity. If no contractor has contacted you within a few days, you are advised to call them again. If this is a high value project and the response has been insufficient, contact your administrator and they will check where the problem occurred.

There is too much interest in my project. Can you withdraw the inquiry?

If there is too much interest in your project and you have received a lot of calls from contractors, you can stop the search for new interested companies by clicking stop searching. The inquiry will no longer be visible to other suitable contractors in the network who are not yet in the project. You can continue searching, however, by clicking again. If the inquiry is no longer current, please notify the contractors and close the inquiry.

Contractors who have expressed an interest are not suitable for the project. Can you help somehow?

If you find that the contractors who have expressed an interest are not suitable for the project, you can contact the administrator who will try to find you more suitable contractors

I would like other contractors: What should I do?

We always put forward all contractors that are local and meet the specifications and the size of the project. If you think the contractors are not suitable for the execution of your project, you can tell the administrator who will replace them. If you want other contractors to raise more offers, we can't guarantee them. (terms). In accordance with quality monitoring, we review each written complaint on the contractor's and the customer’s side. If we find that the contractor has received two justified complaints, which they have not resolved, they are excluded from the system for an indefinite period.

Share your rating

Which contractor should I opt for?

When deciding which contractor to choose, don't just focus only on the lowest offer price. We advocate quality at Daibau, so we advise you choose the company based on professionalism, comparison of references and their rating as well as on price.

By considering the quality and professionalism of the contractor, you can avoid many problems and price increases in the future that might arise due to the need to eliminate errors.

I have chosen a contractor. What's next?

If you have chosen a contractor, the next step is to sign their written offer. For higher value projects, however, it is advisable to enter into a construction contract. Most contractors will request an advance payment for material costs.

Should I request an invoice for services?

You should always request an invoice. Not only is this required by law, the invoice protects you as a consumer. The invoice is proof that the service has been provided. Only with an invoice is it possible to enforce complaints and correct obvious and subsequently hidden errors.

The contractor has started the works. What should I do?

For works where documentation and supervision are not required by law, you are advised to trust the contractor and only periodically check compliance with what has been agreed. If during the work you find that errors have been made, you should immediately notify the contractor, who is obliged to eliminate the errors. For façade and roofing works you should request proof of use of system solutions. However, it is certainly not advisable to control every aspect of their work to the point you start to hinder their work, as this could lead to even more errors.

The contractor has completed the works. How do I give a rating?

If the contractor has completed the works, please complete the inquiry, let us know which contractor you would like to rate, and give a rating. We ask you to rate their quality, the willingness to provide professional advice and price. A brief description of the aspects you would like to praise and the factors you would like to criticise are required as well.

Why do you need a rating?

Daibau is a system that is constantly working on the transparency of the Slovenian construction market. Any rating, even a negative one, serves to distinguish companies between good and bad ones. Your rating will help anyone else with a construction or renovation project to replicate your good experience or to avoid a bad one.

Why am I still receiving your emails if the project has been completed?

If you haven’t completed the inquiry by clicking the button complete inquiry and you haven’t selected one of the options, this means that you have not informed the system that the project is no longer current. Since we do not know this, we send a reminder to your email for you to report the status of the project. As soon as you have completed the inquiry and submitted a rating for the contractor, the system will stop sending emails for the project in question.

Who is responsible for execution errors?

Daibau is not a contractor for design, construction and renovation services, so it is not responsible for any errors. By collecting ratings and excluding non-quality contractors, we ensure that only verified companies are included in the database. However, we cannot guarantee the quality of work done by these companies. The contractor who carried out the work is responsible for correcting the errors. The basis for a request to eliminate errors is the invoice, contract and documentation.

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