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    Air conditioner purchasing, installation and maintenance - an expert interview

    This interview was conducted by Daibau to obtain professional knowledge on air conditioning purchase, installation, and maintenance from Akpo Oyegwa Refrigeration Company.
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    Which air conditioner is best for the home?

    The first thing to put into consideration before purchasing an air conditioner is the brand you feel is best for you. It could be the Samsung, Panasonic, Thermocool or Hisense, they are a variety of brands to choose from. So, when you make a choice of the brand you want the next thing is to determine which hp will suit your space because the bigger the space, the bigger the hp you will purchase to get the desired cooling. Personally, I do recommend the split units, 2 hp and 5 hp standing units and then the 5 hp ceiling cassette. But it all depends on the space and most importantly your budget.

    How do you know the best capacity of an air conditioner?

    The capacity of an air conditioner cannot be too high or too low on its own. The only way to make sure that the capacity of your air conditioner is enough before purchasing it is to compare the size and temperature of the space it will be cooling to the capacity of the air conditioner. If the room is too big and is usually hotter than normal, then an air conditioner with 1hp will not be enough for the room. For living rooms and hotter rooms, I will recommend 1.5hp air conditioner or more, and 1hp AC for smaller and cooler rooms. This calculation can be difficult, so to get the accurate power or capacity of the air conditioner for your room, hire a professional to do the calculation for you. It is also important to note that if a room is too small for the capacity of an air conditioner, the AC will start to freeze up.

    What do you do when the air conditioner stops cooling?

    There are several reasons why your air conditioner might not be cooling, some of these reasons are: Clogged air filters, dirty coils, insufficient coolant, etc. If your air conditioner stops cooling, hire a professional immediately to detect the problem and have it fixed before your air conditioner breaks down entirely.

    Can you heat with the air conditioner?

    The ability of an air conditioner to heat a room depends on the air conditioner. Some air conditioners are equipped with both the cooling and heating functions. But if your air conditioner does not offer this dual function, it will be best not to heat with the AC. You can check the air conditioner manual to see the mode(s) it offers.

    How often should an air conditioner be serviced?

    How often an air conditioner is serviced depends on your air conditioner brand and unit, it also depends on how often the air conditioner is used. If an air conditioner is used frequently, then the periods between the servicing will be shortened. Also, if the air conditioner is located inside a factory or where there is enough dust in the air circulating within the same area where the air conditioner is located, it is advisable to service such air conditioner weekly. For instance, where the air conditioner has not been used in a while, then a professional should check the condition and state of the air conditioner before it is serviced.

    Why hire a professional air conditioning installation contractor?

    Hiring a contractor for the installation of your air conditioner has a lot of benefits,

    Proper installation

    This ensures that the air conditioner is properly align, there are no leakages, and the unit installed is the right capacity for the room.


    If installed by a professional, the servicing of such units can be tracked to ensure the air conditioner is serviced as at when due.


    Now that you know a lot about air conditioners, usage, maintenance, and servicing. Go ahead and make that purchase today and let Oyegwa install it for you and get the best out of your unit.

    About the author

    We spoke with Akpo Oyewga of Akpo Oyegwa Refrigerator Company, who has extensive experience in the field of Air conditioner both home and industrial units, cooling systems, commercial refrigeration, outdoor cooling units and much more. He is one of the most experience individual when it comes to air condition services.

    Expert article 328
    Author: Daibau Magazine

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