Worker working at height for felling and cutting high trees near you

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      workers working at height for felling, cutting high trees in Nigeria
      workers working at height for felling, cutting high trees in Nigeria

      Tree felling - Useful tips and information

      Tree trimming requires expertise as it has to be performed at the right time, in the right way to make sure the tree stays healthy and thriving. Therefore, it’s best you leave this work to experienced horticultural professionals. Trimming work is even more challenging with tall trees as it involves the risk associated with working at height, so it’s definitely something you should leave to an arborist. Large and old trees can weigh tonnes, so it might be pretty difficult to cut off branches, even for an arborist, but this depends on the tree position and height, terrain, foliage shape, wind, any damage in the trunk that can’t be seen on the outside, and many other factors. Because it’s almost impossible to predict all factors, it’s essential that you hire an experienced arborist. However tall a tree might be, safety of people and property is a top priority. After a tree is thoroughly examined, you have to choose the right felling direction. The next step involves preparing and protecting the immediate area surrounding the tree. Branch cutting starts with a directional notch, which allows it to snap or break off. If this doesn’t happen, continue cutting by deepening the initial cut, until the branch falls off. Arborists usually use spider lifts when trimming, as this is a lot safer than climbing the tree to be trimmed. In cases where the whole tree has to be felled, this has to be preceded by an inspection, identification of the directional notch position, and the felling direction. Some trees fall after the very first cut, while others need pushing. The last stage involves removal of cut branches and trunks, which are either sold or used as firewood. Use our calculator to check trimming and cutting costs. We’ve also prepared other tips about this topic for you, as well as reliable professionals you can turn to for advice.

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