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      wooden staircase manufacturers in Nigeria
      wooden staircase manufacturers in Nigeria

      Wooden stair - Useful tips and information

      Thanks to its design, a modern wooden staircase can liven any space up! These staircases come in all colours, sizes, shapes, and materials. Construction of a firm and durable solid wood staircase is preceded by careful measuring and selection of the right type of wood, after which it can be custom made, and finally, installed. When choosing the type of wood, look, and details, consider the overall style of your home and furniture colours. You can choose between more high-end types, like oak, cherry, ash, or maple, or go with beech and spruce, which are classic types. The colour of flooring and doors is usually the deciding factor. There are various kinds of stairs. Some feature wooden elements, while in others, the structure is made of metal or concrete, while treads and handrails are wooden. Generally speaking, any staircase can be made to be self-supporting or supported by brackets, which can be made of wood or other materials. There are open and closed riser stairs, while a staircase can be straight, semi-circular, or spiral, but also free-standing with a wooden structure, free-standing with a metal structure, and concrete staircases with a wooden formwork. And, last but not the least, make sure the railing matches the staircase in style. The most recent trend is to add LED lighting below or around treads. Use our calculator to check out wooden staircase prices. We’ve also prepared other tips about this topic, as well as reliable professionals you can turn to for advice.

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