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      wooden panelling manufacturers in Nigeria
      wooden panelling manufacturers in Nigeria

      Wooden panelling - Useful tips and information

      Wall coverings make every house look welcoming, cosy, pleasant, and comfortable. When choosing wall coverings, the first thing you need to consider is the purpose of the room where you install them. Temperature and humidity are the deciding factors, but you should also consider the hardness and dimensions of the material. Wooden coverings can be installed on the floor, walls, and ceiling, so we can distinguish between parquet, laminate, end matched, and solid wood parquet flooring, as well as matchboarding, etc. We can say that parquet flooring is rather universal as it may be installed anywhere, including in the bathroom. Lacquer- or oil-finished parquet flooring can last for a very long time even without any special maintenance. Laminate is very practical and attractive, and can be installed in damp rooms. When shopping for wooden coverings, you’ll also have to choose the finish—matte or glossy finish, textured or smooth finish, etc. Installing wall wooden coverings over a substructure is also easy, quick, and simple You just have to decide whether you’d like classic solid wood coverings in the form of beams, planks, or panels, which provide great thermal insulation and soundproofing, or massive 3D wooden panels varying in colours and shapes. Use our calculator to check prices of wooden formwork. We’ve also prepared other tips about this topic for you, as well as reliable professionals you can turn to for advice.

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