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      textile floor covering providers in Nigeria
      textile floor covering providers in Nigeria

      Textile floor coverings - Useful tips and information

      Textile floor coverings make every home a warm and welcoming environment. Textile floor coverings make a good soundproofing material, comfortable to walk on, and no matter which printing method has been used, you’ll feel spoiled for choice. They come in the form of rolls or slabs, but they’re always glued to clean, dry, and even surfaces. Depending on the manufacturing technique, there are three types, namely low pile carpets, fitted carpets, and woollen coverings. Low pile carpets are a great choice for offices and homes with lots of people. The extremely dense surface of such a carpet doesn’t let dirt through and allows no dust accumulation. They’re anti-static and resistant to wear, be it of mechanic (e.g. damage caused by office chairs) or chemical nature (cleaning agents), so their expected life expectancy is about ten years. Fitted carpets are softer to touch and thicker, so they provide great protection against noise and allergens, which makes them a good choice for people with these problems. Woollen coverings are a type of carpet made of natural materials. They excel at damp and noise absorption, and are a great insulator. However, to ensure they last for a long time and preserve all their qualities, they need regular vacuuming, washing, and brushing, and can’t be placed in a damp environment. Smaller textile coverings include rugs, mats, and non-slip sheets. Check out other advice we’ve prepared, and use our calculator to see prices of textile coverings. You can also always contact our experts, who’ll be more than happy to reply.

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