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      polished conctete provider in Nigeria
      polished conctete provider in Nigeria

      Polished concrete - Useful tips and information

      Terrazzo flooring is making a comeback. It’s becoming increasingly common in public buildings, but also in family houses, just like in Roman times. Terrazzo is a natural material with no harmful properties, it’s resistant to mechanical and chemical impacts, so it’s suitable for both interior and exterior areas, e.g. paths, patios, markets, squares, but also terraces, lobbies, hallways, entrances, staircases. Besides being very resistant, long-lasting, and easy-to-maintain, its aesthetic value and diversity are indisputable. What’s more, material and labour costs are quite affordable. Terrazzo flooring is a mosaic made of various aggregates, such as marble and granite chips, and similar stones, but also glass, plastic, porcelain, onyx, metal strips, mother of pearl, etc., bound together. Aggregates are selected based on the colour to achieve desired patterns and motifs. After a surface is properly prepared, the layout is designed, and then terrazzo mix is poured over. Once the surface has cured completely, the final finish is achieved by means of special machines, and this may include anything from simple smoothing out to high-gloss polishing, depending on the preferences and needs. The binder is crucial as it affects the resulting floor’s properties. It’s usually cementitious, but other composite mixes are used, too. The combination of the binder’s and aggregates’ colours produces striking visual effects. There are washed, polished, ground, bush hammered, stamped, and micro concretes. Use our calculator to see terrazzo flooring prices. We’ve also prepared other tips about this topic for you, as well as reliable professionals you can turn to for advice.

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