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      Management and building control - Useful tips and information

      A good site manager will help you save a lot of time and money, but also your sanity. A site manager is a professional you need to hire when building or renovating your house. Apart from the contractor, site managers are considered to have the greatest responsibility for ensuring the works comply with the design documents, HSE regulations, and building requirements. They must be recorded in the official register of responsible persons, who must have a certain level of education, work experience, and workers’ compensation insurance. The only time you don’t need a site manager is when you’re building a simple facility. Otherwise, they must be hired not later than by the first day of preliminary works on the site. We recommend you don’t start looking for one until you get a planning permission. When you do start looking, you should make experience the deciding factor. Although hiring a site manager increases costs, you see it will be worth your while, because there won’t be any delays or mistakes. We’ve also prepared other tips for you about construction management, but also a register of reliable managers you can turn to for advice.

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