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      Plastering is a type of construction work done on walls and facades just before painting. Plaster is a set homogenous compound made up of fine aggregates and binding, organic, or non-binding agents. There are different types of plastering, namely manual plastering, which is more durable and expensive, but allows decorative plasterwork, and mechanical plastering, which is faster and simpler, and mechanically mixed plaster is a more homogenous compound. Depending on the purpose, you can choose among gypsum, lime, cement, and flexible plaster, or mixtures of these. There are also special types of plaster whose function is to absorb humidity. As is the case with other construction works, surface preparation plays an important role in plastering, too. Walls of certain type and quality require a special coating that will help plaster adhere better. Take a look at some of the other tips we’ve prepared, and use our calculator to get plaster and plastering costs. You can always contact our experts, as well, and they’ll be more than happy to reply.

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