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      new construction builders in Nigeria
      new construction builders in Nigeria

      House construction - Useful tips and information

      Moving into a new house is a dream come true for all of us. The real estate market has a diverse offer, but many people want a house made exactly to their measure. However, there are some things that need to be done before any construction; choosing and buying a land go hand in hand with getting information about the location, choosing a standard or unique house design, deciding on the size and appearance, construction type and method, and opting for a constructed or prefab house, and many other choices you have to make to finally obtain a planning permission. Your future home can be made of timber, various types of concrete, bricks, natural and composite materials. Whatever you choose, be sure to work with your architect, as they’re in charge of preparing all design documents. Costs of construction vary significantly depending on the type of construction. They depend on the complexity of the structure, use of any special building or structural elements, complexity of installations, etc. Use our calculator to check prices of new builds. We’ve prepared some advice for you to make the construction process easier. Send an enquiry to Daibau, and you’ll get offers from contractors in accordance with the size, location, and complexity of the structure. Good luck!

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