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      laminate providers, layers in Nigeria
      laminate providers, layers in Nigeria

      Laminates - Useful tips and information

      Laminate flooring is multi-ply flooring, usually designed to replicate the look of wood, and rarely stone or similar natural materials. Laminate consists of a transparent surface layer, a decorative layer, an HDF or OSB board, and the bottom levelling layer. Unlike tiles, laminate is easy-to-install since two pieces are fitted together by placing a tongue into a groove at a certain angle and then pressing them from the top ( the click method). Laminate flooring doesn’t require grinding or lacquering, which is why it’s more easily installed and maintained than standard flooring. Laminate is also resistant to impact, scratches, or light, so it comes in various colours and patterns. This type of flooring is the most suitable for rooms that aren’t used that much, as frequent use and load can lead to open joints after a while. Laminate doesn’t provide good thermal insulation and soundproofing, but this can be improved by adding additional materials, like cork. If the substrate is not firm or level enough, laminate will squeak when walked over, which is something many people find annoying. Check out other advice we’ve prepared, and use our calculator to see laminate prices. You can also always contact our experts, who’ll be more than happy to reply.

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