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      inner blinds providers, installers in Nigeria
      inner blinds providers, installers in Nigeria

      Inner blinds - Useful tips and information

      Interior shading solutions are used on large windows to prevent them from getting overheated during the summer. Different rooms require different types of light—an office needs diffused lighting, a bedroom could use partial or full blackout, and shades in a living room can serve as an additional decorative feature. The market offers various types of shading solutions, which can be vertical like brise-soleils, fixed or retractable panels, (roller) shutters, blinds, curtains, etc., varying in shape, size, and colour, and horizontal, such as canopies, pergolas, awnings, and parasols. Check out other advice we’ve prepared for you, and use our calculator to see prices of shading solutions and the cost of installing them. You can also always contact our experts, who’ll be more than happy to reply.

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