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      Glazing - Useful tips and information

      Glass can find various applications in a house. Windows are usually the largest glazed surfaces. Although profiles have an important role to adhere to the walls and be airtight, glass must be able to keep the heat inside a room during the winter, and out of it during the summer. There are single- and multi-pane types of glass. The most energy efficient types include a protective film and gas between two panes. Tempered or laminated safety glass is a great solution for canopies, balcony balustrades, and greenhouses. People who own flats in residential buildings often decide to enclose their balcony by glass. Glass is also popular in interior design, since a moving glass door or wall, although separating two rooms, keeps the light in the room, and sometimes even makes it better. A bathroom can hold a large mirror and a glass shower enclosure. When it comes to the kitchen, glass covers are slowly overtaking tiles, while glass-front cabinets and glass worktops are a new trend. Do you want a trendy home full of light? Check out other tips we’ve prepared for you, and use our calculator to find out prices of glazing services. You can also always contact our experts, who’ll be more than happy to reply.

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