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      furniture restorers in Nigeria
      furniture restorers in Nigeria

      Furniture restoration - Useful tips and information

      Attics and old houses and flats are full of treasures, which one just can’t throw away or replace with a modern counterpart. Such treasures are actually abandoned pieces of furniture, doors, wooden staircases or fences, windows, etc. With a little know how and skill, you can refinish your old furniture on your own, or hire a handyperson, woodworker, and an upholsterer, who excel at this. Note that you should use the original materials, tools, and methods when making repairs or replicating missing or damaged parts to keep them authentic and valuable. Nothing is irreparable and nothing has to be thrown away. The refinishing process starts with taking photos and measurements to make a before and after comparison. The next step is pest disinfection (worms, fungi, and mould), cleaning, repairing damage, replicating missing parts, surface preparation (using traditional methods and natural materials, like shellac, oil polishing, waxing), protection of other surfaces, cleaning the existing hardware or making new metal pieces, cleaning, repairing, and lubricating locks, making missing keys, and in the end, final assembly. Use our calculator to check the cost of furniture refinishing. We’ve also prepared other tips about this topic for you, as well as reliable professionals you can turn to for advice.

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