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      blacksmiths in Nigeria

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      One could say that wrought fences are not a sheer structure anymore, but also a status symbol, making any balcony, terrace, staircase, window, or door look sophisticated and beautiful. Since their made of high-quality hot-dip galvanized, electrostatic, patinated, or sandblasted steel, and include bars which come in different standard dimensions (2x12 mm, 14x14 mm, or 16x16 mm) or are custom-made, wrought fences can be used anywhere—indoors or outdoors. Iron fences are made up of wrought elements or made-to-measure panels, and you’ll feel spoilt for choice when it comes to accompanying ornamental features. They can be modern in style, smooth, straight, traditional, feature many ornaments (cast iron, finished ornaments, prefabricated profiles). There’s also a wide choice of colours, which can add glow or give a rustic look. Steel or concrete posts are installed first, and then wrought elements are screwed or welded onto them. Check out other tips we’ve prepared, and use our calculator to find wrought fencing prices. You can also always contact our experts, who’ll be more than happy to reply.

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