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      door installers in Nigeria

      Door installation - Useful tips and information

      An internal door can be installed by anyone who is familiar with the step-by-step procedure and who has the right tools. When buying a door, be sure to check whether it comes with instructions for installation. How to know which size you need? The opening which the door is supposed to fit in, has to be 3–4 cm wider and 1–2 cm higher than the door’s outer edges. When hanging a door, these are the steps to follow:
      1. Lay the new frame on the floor and make sure all joints are screwed/glued together at a right angle.
      2. Fit the frame into the wall opening and secure it in place with wooden wedges.
      3. Place spacers on the floor between the frame and the wall.
      4. Use a level to check if everything is straight and if the bottom dimensions match the top ones.
      5. Fix the frame with wedges.
      6. Hang the door leaf and before finally securing it in place, check if the door moves smoothly forwards and backwards.
      7. Fill the space between the wall and frame with spray foam.
      8. Once cured, excess spray foam can be cut. Remove the wedges.
      9. If the door frame is made of steel, fix the door to the wall using anchor bolts.
      10. Install trims.
      11. Secure the door in place tightly.
      12. Apply caulk or seal strips in the gap between the door frame and wall.
      13. Install a suitable lock.
      If you’re hanging a door in a new house/building, we recommend you do it only after you’ve finished all other interior works. It’s a bit more challenging to install an external door, as it’s fixed to an exterior wall. The same RAL standards (German standards of professional door and window installation) apply to installation of external doors and windows, since in both cases, a good fit and airtightness are critical. Check out other advice we’ve prepared, and use our calculator to see prices of doors of all shapes, sizes, and colours, and the cost of their installation. You can also always contact our experts, who’ll be more than happy to reply.

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