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      sauna manufacturers in Nigeria

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      Saunas building.

      Want to build steam room in my restroom for spar.

      Saunas - Useful tips and information

      Saunas are said to have a healing power, both physically and mentally. Saunas usually take the form of outbuildings or are installed in bathrooms or other outbuildings, while they can be rarely seen in attics. They can be custom-made or you can purchase a standard prefabricated one in a speciality store. There are saunas which are completely non-transparent, and then those with a view. Saunas are usually made of timber, but they can also be built of bricks, and include electric heating or a traditional wood-burning stove. Depending on the effect and operating mode, there are several types and subtypes, including Finnish, Turkish, Japanese, infrared, mud, bio, and salt saunas. Finnish saunas are dry saunas and they’re always made of timber. They include a stove with rocks, which create steam when water is poured on them, which is said to heal the body as it gets rid of fatigue and provides relaxation. A Turkish bath is a steam room with a lot more steam and humidity, due to temperatures that can be as high as +50°C. Their important feature are essential oils, which have a very beneficial effect on the body in general, but especially respiratory organs. An infrared sauna is usually part of a bathroom, and it heats your body without warming the air around you, which is especially beneficial to people suffering from chronic diseases. Other types, such as bio saunas usually add some alterations to the main types, Finnish and Turkish saunas, e.g. mineral mud, high concentration of salts, essential oils and mixtures whose evaporation has a positive effect on human health. Use our calculator to get sauna prices. We’ve also prepared other tips about this topic, as well as reliable professionals you can turn to for advice.

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