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    Basic tips you must consider when building a duplex in Nigeria

    When planning a house, there are a lot of factors involved that one must put in mind such as your preferred location, your budget, time, and a couple of other things. One critical factor is the type and size of the house you intend to build. The type of house you want to build plays a huge role in determining the cost. This, in turn, will help plan a budget and the time you will spend building that house. 
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    building a duplex in nigeria
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    In this article, we will be taking you through all you need to know about building a duplex.

    A duplex refers to a single dwelling unit spread over two floors connected by an indoor staircase. A duplex comes in different types and while it is notably spacious, it also takes up less land and space compared to other building types.

    1. Things to keep in mind when building a duplex

    1.1    Involve professionals

    It is important to get able and professional individuals to help oversee construction, furnishing and even finances. They prove to be quite essential as the last thing you want is the mismanagement of resources. Thus, it is good to hire well trained professionals irrespective of the total cost to get the best result.

    1.2    Make your research

    Before starting the actual construction of the duplex, you need a good idea of what exactly you are getting into. While it would be nice to have your workers do all the work for you, it is still necessary to have basic knowledge of constructing a duplex. Setting up the entire plan for the duplex without assistance from professionals is quite far-fetched, but at the same time, it is advisable to be present and choose to be involved.

    Another critical part of this stage is making a choice for the design of your duplex. This is usually the fun part. Here, you get to choose the interior and exterior outlook of your duplex, the size of the duplex, etc. You also get to put in some extra details like having some space for a garden at the back of the duplex or maybe creating space for a garage. It could even include a playground or playroom for your children. From this point, you start to have a visual projection of your house and an idea of the features in it.

    1.3.   Get a quality location

    Like every other type of building, location plays a pivotal role when building a duplex. It will be pleasant to have good surroundings when building a duplex. Good roads will be very welcome because we are sure you do not want to have a bumpy ride to your house. It would also be important to get a location which is close to social amenities such as schools, police stations, hospitals, etc.

    An important thing to note is that when trying to find a location within an estate, you would have to look at the structural plan of the estates you check through because not all local councils will allow the building of duplexes.

    1.4    Budget wisely

    Once you have done your research, you will have gotten an idea of how much building a duplex will cost in the location that you intend to build it in. Working with your financial expert, you will have to factor in the cost of the extra designs that you want to put in your house, the cost of the interior decorations you will use, the payment of your workers and the miscellaneous costs that may arise and relate all these things to the amount of money that you have set aside for the building of the duplex.

    If your budget tallies with the cost of the duplex, you can go ahead and continue the plan but if it isn’t, you may consider investing more funds to complete the design or you may have to cut some things out of the plan.

    After taking care of all these considerations, you are ready and raring to go ahead with setting up the structure of your duplex. Relate your plan to your workers; give your builder and architect a description of the design and structure you intend to get. Discuss with your lawyer to get some legalities sorted out and work with a financial expert to avoid problems arising in your budget.

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    Expert tips on architecture, renovation, construction, and maintenance by Kwalika Ventures Limited.

    Q1. What factors do you consider most important when approaching a new architectural project?

    When approaching a new architectural project, several factors are important to consider:

    • Client’s Needs and Goals
    • Site Analysis.
    • Sustainability and Environmental Considerations.
    • Functionality and User Experience.
    • Aesthetics and Design Concept.
    • Building Codes and Regulations
    • Budget and Cost Management: Understanding the project budget and managing costs effectively is essential. Balancing the client’s expectations with the available resources requires careful consideration of material choices, construction methods, and project phasing.

    Q2. How do you foster effective communication and collaboration between construction teams, architects, and engineers?

    To foster effective communication and collaboration between construction teams, architects, and engineers, the following strategies can be implemented:

    • Regular Meetings.
    • Clear and Open Communication Channels.
    • Collaborative Project Management Tools.
    • Design Coordination Meetings.
    • Design and Construction Document Reviews.
    • Site Visits and Field Meetings.
    • Constructability Reviews.
    • Team Building Activities.
    • Clear Roles and Responsibilities.
    • Respect and Professionalism.

    These strategies foster effective communication and collaboration among construction teams, architects, and engineers, leading to successful project outcomes.

    Q3. What strategies do you use to develop accurate budgets for renovation, construction, and maintenance projects?

    To develop accurate budgets for renovation, construction, and maintenance projects, the following strategies can be employed:

    • Project Scope Definition.
    • Cost Estimation.
    • Historical Data Analysis.
    • Benchmarking.
    • Contingency Planning.
    • Value Engineering.
    • Collaboration with Suppliers and Contractors.
    • Regular Cost Tracking and Monitoring.
    • Professional Estimating Software.
    • Expert Consultation.

    By employing these strategies, architects and project managers can develop accurate budgets for renovation, construction, and maintenance projects. This ensures the project is financially viable and helps in effective cost management throughout the project lifecycle.

    Q4. What are some current renovation, construction, and maintenance trends?

    Some current trends in renovation, construction, and maintenance include:

    • Sustainability and Green Building.
    • Adaptive Reuse and Retrofitting.
    • Smart Technology Integration.
    • Health and Wellness Focus.
    • Modular and Prefabricated Construction.
    • Aging-in-Place Design.
    • Energy Efficiency and Net-Zero Buildings.
    • Biophilic Design.
    • Maintenance and Facility Management Technology.
    • Resilient Design.

    These trends reflect the evolving priorities in renovation, construction, and maintenance, driven by environmental concerns, technological advancements, changing demographics, and a focus on occupant well-being.

    Q5. How has technology influenced construction practices, from project planning to on-site execution?

    Technology has significantly impacted construction practices, transforming various aspects of the construction process from project planning to on-site execution. Here are some ways technology has influenced construction practices:

    • Building Information Modelling (BIM).
    • Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR).
    • Drones are used for site surveys, inspections, and progress monitoring.
    • Construction Management Software.
    • Mobile Apps and Cloud Computing.
    • Prefabrication and Modular Construction.
    • Internet of Things (IoT).
    • Robotics and Automation.
    • 3D Printing.
    • Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

    Technology has revolutionized construction practices by improving collaboration, enhancing efficiency, reducing errors, increasing safety, and enabling better project management and decision-making throughout the construction process.

    Kwalika Ventures Limited.

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